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The Table. 5 Excufe. 6 Excufe. i Demos. 2 Demon. 3 Demon. 4 Demon. 5 Demon. 6 Demon. 7Jfe V fe 3. Vre 4. Vfe 5. 1 Confid. 2 Confid. ' Nay,thou can.it not fo much as pray to God for a mill ; thou art fo proud that thou conceiveft thou haft that already, p.67 Nay ,thou layft all the blame uponGod, p.68 I'irft,becaufe thou cafeeft the blame upon nature;Its my na- ture;and I cannot, -- ibid. Secondly,thou doft caft theblame upon temptations ; Its my hard hap to fall upon temptations, p.69 Thirdly,thou layft the blame upon the times; the times are very bad, ibid. Fourthly, thou layeft the blame upon this Commandment, If it were any commandement but this, I would do it. 70 Fifthly,thou lay ft the blame upon ill fortune,and had ibid. Nay frxthly, thou findeft fault with all Gods proceedings, P.71 This difcovers the deceitfulnefs of thy heart, p.72 Firft,thou wouldft very fain,if God would enable, thee : but thy heart does but here lie unto God, ibid. Secondly, hereby thou dodgeft with God, and tempteft the Lord, p73 Thirdly, hereby thou Auffleft off the word, when thou haft heard it, ibid. This point cals forgreat humiliation ; for 1 Here lies efpecially the pride of the heart,not in mens can - nots,but their will nots, {?74 2 Here lies efpecially the hardning of the heart, ibid 3 Here lies efpecially theftubbornes of the heart, p.75 4 Here lies the great eft deIIifings of the Commandements of God, ibid To quicken the thank, fulnefs of thegodly, Afeafonable Item to all Rebellious fpirits, p.76 i Is it not enough that thou haft willinglyfallen in Adam, but thou muft willingly Rand out again, P.77 2 Confider the very Saints of God that have not halfe fo many will -nets as you, that ftick more tritely ea a cannot