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The Table. cannot, ibid. 3. Confider the more fbamefull one fin es,the more reafon to be humbled, ibid. Nay fourthly,cenfider there's no greater Jhame then to make away ones felfe, ibid. 5 Confider ifyou would but vex your own foule with this ferions confederation, it would make you kickyour lufls under foot, ibid. The danger of bate Pleas and Pretences. r Thisfame pleading is the noire why you are lazy and idle in the ufe of the means, viz.becaufe you flier your hearts to plead,oh we can not do it, p.79 a This fame pleading bringsup an (yid report upon piety andgodlinefs, ibid 3 This fame pleading is a murmuring again.£I Cod, q.d. why does Cod give me filch commandements that I cannot ob. erve ? p.8o 4This is thefawciefe excufe of all exce es, ibid. Nay fithly, here lies the reafon why Divines fay that the convert on ofa finner is an harder work,then the creation of heaven and earth. Firft becaufe, p.81 Here is the fame difficulty that was in creation, for God makes a Convert of nothing, ibid As there was nothing pruexiftent in the creation to help, fo there Was nothing to refift; but here is fomething to refift, the will it refifteth, p.8a" The danger of flicking at a will -not is further cleared. z If you will not ,Gods Ministers have difcbarged their du- ties ,and have left your blood on your own hands, p.83 a If you will not ,the Gofpel bath delivered its errand,ye are guilty of your own everlafting perdition, p.84. Nay thirdly,ifyou will not,The blood of lefus Chrift bath done that it came for, ibid. 4 If you will not, you murder your own foules, p.85 3 Confid. 4 Confid. 5 Confid. r Reaf. 2