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I **3: r34194. TTT-TT d25 il*P:) WILFUL IMPENITENCY The Gro f fefl SELF -- MURDER. EzEK. 18. 3r, 32. For why will ye die, 0 ye Houfe of Ifrael ? &c. HE Wicked in this Chapter difjure againft God ; The fathers have eaten favor Grapes, and the children: teeth arefet on edg. Our Fathers have finned, and we are pani/bed : ' a common cavil! in every natural! mans heart, when it's urged. Adam fell,and his poor Pofferitr fmart for it : If God will needs damn us, he may, we have no power for to help it : for Who loath refitted his Will ? This is mans Syllogifm. God,who might fend man to hell for anfwer, anfwers calmly : r. By abjuration; As I live, faith the Lord , ye Jhall not have occafion to ufe this Proverb any more in Ifrael : verfe 3. 2. By an Af fertion : The foul that finneth, it shall die, ver.4. No foul !hall die but only the fame that doth fin. 3. By explication ofhimfelf : If a man do that which is right, he Jhall live, ver.5, 6. If he have been never fo wicked, yet if he return, he JXXll not die, ver. 2i . C 4. By The Divifion of the Text. Gods calm an. Ewer to their forward cavils, In particulars.