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YVilfull Impenitency Four things very obferva- ble. ICraels perdi- non not from God,but from 't felf 4. By appealing to their confciences :. Have I any plea- fure at all that the wicked Jhould die, faith the Lord, and not that he Jhould return and live ? ver. 23. Have I any pleafure ? I appeal to all your confciences, Have I any pleafure at all,that the wicked fhould die? 5. By retorting : Hear now, O houfe of Ifrael, Is not my Way equall ? or, Are not your Wayes rather unequall ? ver as . áb. By'a Co,clufìon : Therefore I Will judge you, C,ë bou, oriMief, every orte'átecording-to his tl.ayes, ver.3o. j. By a finall decifron of the whale Controverf e : Re- pent and turn yourfelves, &c. fo iniquity Jhall not be your ruine: Calf away from you all, &c. For Why Will yet die, &c. Where we have thefe foure things. i. God difclaimes all caufe of their damnation from his ferret will: I have no pleafure in the death of him that d, jLetomh: ,2. He removes all caufe of their deffrultion from his rgvea4od will ; Repent and turnyour felves, &c. fo iniqui- ty (hall not be your ruing ; 'afl away, &c. 3. He difavows all caufe of their deftrut ion from his permijfiveWill, as though that were guilty, or accetfory to it ;;they can have norcolour why they are not wrought tlgon, :..eXakeyeat a new heart, and a; neat fpir , , (flake; The fault lies not at his door; no, it lies at :youu door, Makoyou,anew heart. 4. 'He;calts all the carder of. their deftruátioan,upon theiF own rebellious roils. Why wi,il ye die, O houfe ofIfrael ? a. What is the caufe you live in your fins, and die, and perifh in your fins? is it becaufe I am. not merciful/ ? you know I am gracious, and full of mercy, and ready to forgive; why then, Why Will ye die, O houle of 1 fragil ? 2. IsitbecaufeIamfw £ t to revenge? you know I. am flow to anger, and give you a warning before I cou- fume you ; why then will ye die, O houfe of Ifrael ? 3. Is it becaufe I will defiroy you for Abut, or. Ma: nab s,