Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

The grof fe,FE Se f mhirder. I. The wicked think they have power, and yet they mill not doe according to their thoughts. What's the reafon they prefume to repeat another time, but be- caufe they thinke they have power ? what's the reafon they hope ro repent on their death beds, but becaufe they thinke they have power ; or at leaft, that they are able to- beg power of Chrift yefits ? Now by their owns thoughts God will convince them, that they do not give over their fins,becaufe they will not; like the fluggard,Yet ailittlemorefleep, yet a little more (dumber, yet a little more folding of the hands to /leep ; the (luggard, he thinks he, can rife time enough, and do all his bufineffe e're night, though he lie a little longer, and therefore does he prefumetolre awhile longer;. So thou art loth to come out of thy finites yet, time enough yet, thinkft thou ; thou haft l cret thoughts thou art able to fhift for Hea- ven afterwards; Tuflr, an unhappy youth may make a good adman, a young Saint an old Divert. Hence it is, that the whoremafter can plead, Did not David , cow- mmitadulterytoo? asthottghhe,cóuld_.get up.againe;.as well as he.. The drunkard; Was not Noah drunk_? as though, he were able to repent as well as he. The Theife on the Cro(]'e, Did not he repent at laftgatfie ? as though he could fhift as well at laft : fo they thinke they can leaveoff their fins for a need; and therefore the reafon why they do not, is only becaufe they will not. He that thinks he hath a hundred pound of his own in his purfe, and yet will not give a poor body a halfpenny : -what's the reafon he will not open his purfe to give? becaufe he cannot? No, he thinks he hath it, and can : but he will not ; So the reafon why thou art not reformed, is, thou wilt not. 2. Demonftration; becaufe thou dolt not fo much as try whether thou canft or no : therefore thou doll not flick at a cannot, but a will not. When a Mailer . bids his fervant carry a fack of corne to the Mill, I cannot, fayes he; but cannot you try, fayes his Matter ? cannot you go. z Vemonft. I. The wicked thinke they have power to repeat. Prov. 6.1o. All the freewill 'mongers reafon why they do not repent, is & cafe they will not.Out of their own mouth will God condemn them. Luk. z;. ,}o. z Demon. x. They will not try .