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will Alesitency in goodnefe, and to bebetter then another. One wicked man is a drunkard,and another is better, &c. One wic- ked man' is morewilfull, another is leffe. Its God that makes this difference ; yet notwithftanding its his own fault, that he is uotfogood as his neighbour, efpecially when he fits under better helper then his neighbour. The men ofNiniveh fliall rife up againfl this generation, and (ball condemn it, becaufe they repented at the preaching; of 7onah, and behold, a greater then f onah is here. See,this generation was Worfe then Niniveh : Niniveh repented a great way, even in fakclotb and afhes; but this genera- tion Both not. I grant, it was God that did make them do more then this generation doth do. For all would be alike wilful', if it were not for him. But yet this gene- ration cannot plead injudgment, Lord, thou waft not fo gracious unto us, as to Niniveh; No, Jefus Chrift exprefly telleth them, Niniveh than rife up in judgment againft them, q.d. Niniveh was not fo wilful' as you; Ni- niveh Would, but you would not. Our Saviour Chri.Fi afcribes it to their wilfullneffe, that they were not fo willing as Niniveh. Niniveh would, but you would not. Thus you fee the fuppofitions , which I befeech you remember as we go, leali perhaps you miftake us. The reafonwhy the wicked do not repent nor come out of theirfames, is not becaufe they cannot ( though they can, not) but becaufe they will not. Peter faith to Ananias, why bath Satan filled thy heart to lie to the holy Ghofl, to keep back part of the price of the Land? was it not once in thy power ? Before thou didit promife, 'twas in thy power whether thou wouldft promife or no ; did anyforce thee to prozaife ? and when thou hadft promifed, did any fqueeze the lie out of thy tongue, that thou fhouldeft tell a lie to the Holy ghofl ? did any drag thy fingers to the ,money, and force thee to handle it ? no, thou wouldfi lie, and thou wouldfl finger it. Seven Demonfttations to provethis. I. The