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the grof eft Self - murder. 9 refl to yourfouls But they fayd, we will not walk there- in. O,do but ask for the good way,and labour to walk in it, l'1 help you and allìft you ; but we will not, fay they. .I let watch -men over you, faying, Hearken to the found of the Trumpet : But they faid,we will not hearken, verfe.i7. This is plain Englifh (as we fay) you will not; ye have preaching every Sabbath day,and every week; but ye will not ; God fends you good motions every day and houre, but ye will not ; when a beggar will not be helpt, why does he ftarve ? what,becaufe he cannot chufe ? no, he ftarves becaufe he will ftarve. O, fayeft thou, I do hearche word, and I cannot heave it better. I do pray daily, and I cannot pray better, &c. Thus thou retor- tel' upon God as the unprofitable fervant, Lo, there, thou haft that is thine ; Lo, here's the bell faith thy fpirit helps me to, here's the belt obedience that thy power inabled me to, &c. Lo,there thou haft that is thine,thou helpedl' me with no more; I was not able to do better. Quo ore pores hoc dicere, (ayes Gualter ? with what face canft thou fay thus ? Is this all that God hath offered to finable thee? ah, thou wilful! creature ! The Lord bath offered to help thee to a thoufand times more, but thou wouldit not be helped. 4.Demonftration. God hath not only ofered thee power to do more, and thou wilt not take it; but.alfo given .thee more power, and thou wilt net tale it; and therefore the reafon why thou dolt not, is becaufe thou wilt not : God bath given thee one talent of power at the leaf', why dolt thou not put it out to the merchandizers and occu- py with it ! TAwtiov ëwase N.,;,,144., fayes Chryf. The power that God bath vouchfafed. thee is thy talent. Why dicta thou not imploy it to the utmof' ? every Ser- mon gives thee new power, a new price : fo every good counfell gives thee a new power ; what art thou better ? every blelling thou haft had, gives thee a new power, wherein art thou purer ? does God give thee but eyes, thou haft more power to glorifie him, then he that hash D none, Jer.f. r6.. Mar. 25.2. 4`Demon. Act will not t power which he he teach given. PLOY.7. D 1. i 6.