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Luke 16.z. 5 Demon. They grew, worfe by the means. Bern. Hof.q,6. fu/lIrnpenitency none, &e. Every mercy belpes thee with new power, but wherein doff thou ufe it ? God bath given thee good memory, how half thou fluft it? lvleanes and mainte- nance : how haft thou honoured God ? why, &c. thine owne confcience accufeth thee, thou haft wafted his goods, wafted them upon belly and back, which have devoured more thoughts then ever his worfhip could have; thou haft wafted them upon thy credit in the World, and thy,pieafure, and thy lulls, and thy flefhly delires. How is it that I heare this of thee ?. Thou (halt heare one day of this difmall watch -word, Give account of thy flewardibip, for thou may if be no longer fleward. What doff thou talking of thy want of power ? I could not do this, ánd I could not do that ; where are my goods that I lent thee ? give account for thy Memory: )Lord, I remember this, and that Tale, this and that baw- f?le ; Thou evi.11 and unprofitable fervant thou, and why couldeft thou not remember my Commandements as well ? Give acc unt for thy wit : Lord, I have contrived bufixrelles, bar pints, with it, I. have jetted, quirped, been merry with it .; Thou evill and unprofitable fervant thou,why wouldft thou not be witty for Gad,and for the good of thy foul ? &c. God bath given a great deal of power more then ever thou bringeft to ac4, and therefore thou art willful/. 5 . Demouafiration; the more power thou haft to re- pent, the wore-thy wiltùagainl it. The more means that God loth vouchfafe, the more Preaching, the more knowledge, the more reptoofes, the more enlight- nings,the more power thoto huff to repent,the more thy will is agaonft it. Bernard_fayes,fuch a one is a perverfe man, that Golf -is fin to fay to, Glid faciam tibi? What' (haß I doe unto thee? O Ephraim, what, lisait I' do unto thee.> for thy righteoufneffe goes away like the dew,Hof.6.4. The more meanes thou enjoyeft, the more thy righteoufneffe goes. away. One would think, the more the Sunfbine of the Gold arifeth, the more your righ_ teoufneffe