Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

12 Willfull Impenitency 7 Demon. They are con- tented with their cannot. Jer. 5.31. that doll leffen it ? he did not double his abilities, and therefore he was curled ; thou doll not only not double thy abilities, but thou dolt leffen them. God hath in- abled thee to do many a thing, and now thou art not able; thou hall willingly leffened thine ability : now then thou canft not excufe thy felfe that thou canft not, becaufe thou haft brought this cannot on thy felfe; Thou canft not weep at a Sermon, but thou cattle once ; thou canft not refill fuch a hi', but thou couldit once ; and thou haft willingly brought this cannot on thy foul; and therefore this is all the caufe,becaufe that thou wilt not. 7.Demon'ration. May be thou can.fi not; yea, but thou art contented with thy cannot; thou canal not be holy, and thou art contented not to be; thou cad' not crucifie thy luff, and thou art contented with this cannot ; nay, thou wouldit not he able. Sir, I tell you how you may put up this injury if you will. But Sir, you lhall not make me put it up, I will not he direied 'by you; as it was with defperate Nab, My people love to have it fo. Thou art carnall, and thou loveft to be fo. Were a man in the Rockes, and not able to get out, yet if he be con- tented to be there, though he cannotget out, that is not the reafon of his Raying, but he will not ; thou can' not walk humbly and holily, and thou loveft to have it fo; what,would you have me fo pùre, forfooth ? So then, the reafon is, becaufe that thou wilt not ; if thy will were not it, thou would' never be content with thy can- not ; the Congregation is bad, and thou lovef to have it fo ; the more cuftome thou (halt have for thy Ale- houfe; like a bad Clerk,pf the Affifes: I heard one 1peak it my felfe, He was glad there were fo many Rogues, he had the more money ; fo Tome of you are glad there be fo manyfrequenters of the Ale- bench, yee have the more cuftome, yee love to have it fo ; ye cannot reforme the fins of one another, and ye love to have it fo. The Prefu,ppofitions premifed, and the Demonftrations pre-