Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

the gro f fell Self-murder. Y I teoufnefle fhould increafe ; It goes the more away like the dew, the more the Sun rifeth, the more it vani- Iheth away; like many of you, the more preaching you have, the further ye are off ; a man might be acquainted with you heretofore, but now that y ou have been foundly rebuked for your fins, the further you flie off; nay, fome of you that wétefomwhar forward heretofore, are mockers now ; fome of you that were fomewhat to- wardly herctofr'e, "are more covetous and wafpifh, and paf onate, and worldly: like the weeds,the more they are pluck'd up,the more they do grow; or like the Earth,the more it iswafhed,the dirtier it proves;fo the more means ye have to be inabled to good,the willfullerye are. 6. Demoniration, becaufe thy cannot is a voluntary cannot; thou'haft willfully brought the molt part of thy cannot upon thee. I cannot give to the poor,fayft thou yea, but thou hadit it once, and thou haft wilfully 'pent it ; thou had' Lands,and Meanes,and commings in,but thou haftfpentit at the Ale -houle ; thou hail confumed it on the game - houfe : Thus thy cannot is a voluntary camoor; cassfa cassfa eFt caufacaufati; thy will was the caufe of thy cannot, and therefore thy will is the caufe of thy not giving to the poore. I cannot read, (ayes one, and-no marvell if I be ignorant; but thy Parents would have fet thee to Schoole, and thou wouldih be a trewant, therefore thou art willingly ignorant : I cannot remember a Sermon, (ayes another, nowonder though I repeat it not in my Family , but forget it, as I do ; but thou haft willingly ram'd it with matters of the World , or haft weakened it with drinking,and therforethou art wilful- ly forgeefull, &c. The unprofitable fervantwas curíl that had layd up his pound fafe in a Napkin ;he did not leffen it,norimbezel ir,but only layd it up,'and yet he was cur- fed becaufe he did not d' torrsv,,e9cspsymr v, layes Chryf hee was turfed becaufe he did not double his pound; ah, the wofull eftate that thou art in ! If he were accurfed that he did lay up his pound, what 'hall become of thee D a that 6. Demon. Their cannot is voluntary. A Moral im- potency. Luk. 19.2o, ch.yjo ft