Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

allifaiesAIAAIMAAAMAIMAAAALWAll ECHRISTS40 et ALARM 01 cp, T0 4 0E4 4111 ce. DROVVSIE SAINTS: 3 R, * OS. Chrigs Epiille to bù Churches. { 16.1. By \VI LI. IAM FENNER, B. D. fon7etùnes fellow 1183 OP of Pembroke Hall in Cambridge, and Miniher of R®chförd in ESSEX. REVEL. 2.7. Hee that bath an eare to heare, let him heare what the Spirit ,' faith unto the Churches. 43. fotilp LONDON, tie Printed for 7alni Rothwell at the Sun and Fountaise in Paul: 1 p94, Church- yard,neare the little North- doore. M D C L.