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16 Wilfull ImQenitency able to -avoid fwearing and ;lying, but ye will not; nei- ther would yeiivoide all other fins if yee could ; if a manwill not do that which he can, neither will he do that which he cannot, if he could. Confd.4. 4. Confider, lf a man will not do that which he can, can or cannot, all's one to him, all flicks at his will. I can- not repent,and I cannot give over my fins, fayeff thou: and I pray thee,who told thee that thou canfl not ? I am naked,fayes Adam, andwho told thee that thou wert naked,fayes God, ccn.3.o t. So may I fay, who told thee thou canif not ? does not thy own confcience tell thee,'tis becaufe thou wilt not ? I cannot digg, (ayes the lazy Steward, and to begge I am afhamed, Luke 06.3. I cannot digge ; if he had a cudgell about his back, it would make him digge; to beg I am afhamed, (ayes he; he was not afhamed to cozen his Miler of his goods, but he was afhamed to begge. I have married a Wife, and I cannot come, Luke 04.20. No? what,did his wife tie his legges ? There is a Lyon in the way, I cannot go Pcov.zz.13 out ,fayesthe fluggard; alas, thy own fluggifh wilfull roils are this cannot. Can or cannot, all's one to them; they never come to trie whether they can, yea or no; the (luggard never look'd out to fee the Lyon in the way, but he dream'd there was one there, and he was willing to beleeve it, he would not go out to fee; the idle flew - and did not try whether he could digge, yea or no ; if he had taken the Spade in his hand and gone about the worke, ' twere another matter ; but I cannot digge, layes he; he never would put it to tryall, but takes ano- ther courfe without trying of that ; fo that all's one, can or cannot, if a man will not do that which he can, can or cannot, all's one to him. 5 .Confider. If a man will bot Both at which he can, this will make a mans confidence, when he comes to fpeake in fo- ber fadnef e, thankhimf if for his perifhing. Mens confci- ences do but kit with them now,while they can fay, Tufh, 'cis becaufe I cannot beleeve and becaufe I cannot repent but