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The grale &t Self - murder. 17 but at the houre of conviílion or the day of judgement at fartheft, then confcience will fpeake in lober fadnefï'e ; When I was a hungry, ye gave me no meat, layes Chrift; when I was athirfl, yegave me no drinks ; I was alb-an- ger, andye Cooke me not in; fick, and in prifon, and ye vi- ftedmenot, Mat.25.43. Marke, Chrift puts no cannots on their confcience at the day of judgement ; Could they fay, Alas, we had never a bit of bread for to do it, never a drop of drinke for to do it ? No ; you Thal l fee how their confciences were mute ; they could not fay that they could not; could not ye comfort Chrifts dear mem- bers as well as mock them ? couldft thou not take them into thy houle, as well as carnall acquaintance? its wor- thy obfervation to confider; that generally Clods threa- nings do not turne againft Cannots, nor his judgements againft Cannots, but againft new particular fins, that they might have avoyded; for though mens finfull con- fciences doe nece(farily incline men to fine, yet not unto thisfinne, nor that fin; Non determinatneceffarió ad hoc vol illud malum, hic & nunc, fay our Brittain Divines at the Synod. Sinfull concupifcence does not neceffa- rily determine men upon thefe and thefe fins, with the particular circumftanceswhich they live in,as this rapine, this lie, &c. thus ye fee thiswill make a lure Ground of our Do trine, if fo bewe can prove it. Every man can doe more good then he does, and avoid more evill then he does. This is a molt certaine and infallible Truth, and needs no confirmation ; but I will prove it notwithftanding. Firft, becaufe God doch complaine againfl the wicked, for their voluntary doing no more good then they doe; what, fo much preaching, and no more good ? fo many means, and no more fruit ? &c. fo God complaines against Ifrael, Neverthelefe, they departednot from the fins of f eroboam, &c. and, there remained the groves alfa ; in Samaria, z Kings i 3.6. the grove alfa ; what, not fo much as the grove cut domne ? And,ye will not leave the E fins