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the grafter Self-murder. Canft thou not do this that Godbids thee, at leaft out of feare ? this is nothing but a lie of Satan ; thou wouldit do them all, for fear of a man.. Suppofe there were Lawes made that every man who does not pray in his family Morning and Evening, fhould affuredly be hanged; whofoever fwears an Oath,fhould be hang'd as loon as he had fworn it; Whofoever breaks out into any bitter ray - ling fpeech fhould fuller death.Suppofe,I fay,to all duties of Religion it were death to omit them, and the King had made fuch a certain fore Law ; I dare fay, there would be many millions of Profeffors more in England then there are ; rather then ye would be gibbeted, many (wearers would never (wear more; many liens never lie more;many profane houfehoulders never omit Prayers in their Fami- lies more ; andcouldff thou do this for fear of a man ? why canft thou not do it for feare of the great God? Thirdly, The Lord hath given thee naturall counfell, and naturals reetfon,and prudence. Oh, fayft thou, I am tempted before I am aware, and the paffion is up before I am aware, I cannot help it for my life : No, I beleeve thee ,when the Divell is once up, there is no allaying that foule Fiend for the prefent ; thou canft not imme- diately allay it. But why canft thou not prevent it with coun(ell and deliberation ? the very Heathens have done this, and thou haft advantage of all Heathens : God hath given thee not only reafon in thy head, and a natu- rall confcience in thy breft, but alto direEtion in his word to prevent it ? and if thou doff not, thou wilt not. Are the lufts of thine appetite violent ?why then dolt thou not fore -caft for to rein them ? Why dolt thou not abftaine from going to Feafts a while ? Why dolt thou not flint thy Trencher with fo much ? If thy lulls be on fire, why doft thou feed them with fuell ? Are the Tufts of anger and wrath predominant in thee ? thou rapft out an Oath before thou art aware; why then dolt thou not, as Chry¡oltome would have thee,Setforfeitures for every Oath? Why dolt thou not intreat Gods people fe-