Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

22 e2ä15 potent ? as Montanws hach it. will fuillmperFitenty word; and thou art not able to abide it. Why dolt thou n ót curbe thy proud f ubborne big' for feare of this Hell? That's better then nothing ; if thou can't not do it for love, yet why can't thou not do it for feare? haft thou not as much reafon as a brute creature ? that is greedy of meare, yet a whip fticbjs able to fcare him from it ; an horfe is defirous to ftand ft ill, yet a fpur and a rod is able to make it go falter ; , and is not Hell more fearefull then all rods? Why doff thou not take heed for fear, left God should fend thee to Hell ? alinner and ä hypo- crite are inexcufable herein, for Hell may feare them ; The 'inners in Sion are afraid, fearfulneff e loath furprifed the hypocrites ;who among its 'hall dwell with everlgfling burninvs ? Efay 33.14. who ofus is able to dwell. with everlaffing flames ? and hypocrites,may go fo far feare Hell, and abftaine from a million of fins, for feare of thefe everlaf ing burnings. Canif thou fay,thou can't not refill fin for feare of Gods judgements? No; thou can't refill fin for feare of leffe evils then fo ; the fearlof . *ens feeing theé can keep thee from committing :adultery. in the Market - place; and cannot:thefeare of God reftraine thee from it in private?. thou dareft not tranfgreffe °rhe Icings Lawes For feare of the Gallowes ; and cannorthe fence of Hell reftraine thee . from tranf rung of Gods? Gods diFßleafure is greater then the Kings, and thou knoweffit ; God is truer in his Law then any mortali man, and thou knoweft it : and feareff thou not me ? feareye not me ,faith the Lord? will ye not tremble at my prefence ?Jer.5.22. Canff thou fay, thou art not able to feare him fo much as fervilely ? that is not fo; for when thou art fick and ready to dye, then thou wilt feare him; then, oh thou would'' faine become a new creature, and all out of feare of the great God ; and canif thou not now ? No, no; now here be pleafures to be had,and thou wilt have them ; here is the World, and thou wilt carke; here is bulneffe, and thou wilt be doing, and thou wilt not find leafure for God ;..no; thou wilt not. Canit OM