Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

The grof °eft Self-murder . come to that,before that humiliatiö thou canfl not exprefs: Why artthou not humbled with that which thou may'Il? Firfi then, Why doll thou not fee thy cafe to be damnable? Doll thou not know that judgement is pate upon all to damnation ? Rom. 5.18. All men are damned out of Orig. Whofoever is not a new creature is not in Chrift but is a damn'd man to this .day ; thou knowefl the Lord himfelfe doth fay thus; What hin- ders thee now from deduFling a particular there-from? If upon all men, then upon me; if all be damned to this day that are not new creatures in Chriff, then I am a damned man to this hour; this logic( God doth vouchfafe thee ; why doll thou not reafon on this fa Ihion ? I am a damned man, and a damned woman to this day. If thou would'íl be brought to this paffe, there might be Come hope of thee; but thou wilt- not, thou wilt fcrapeup force hopes or other, thou wilt not believe this. Believe thus, (ayes God ; but I Will not, fai'Il thou : no, thou wilt have thy lull í1i11, and thou wilt not believe this. If thou would'íl' believe fierily, thou art a damned man, becaufe thou art not a new creature inChrift; may be, thou would'fl never have done till thou art one, thou would'll forfake all, and follow Chrift in all things ; But thou wilt not. Secondly, I cannot, fai'lt thou : Why then wilt thou not deffiaire in thy felfe ? a man mull defpaire as he is, otherwife he can never get into Chri/t, as long as a man lives, and does after the flesh, he can have no true hope of mercy or pardon, or any thing; no, he is a dead man, all the Angels of Heaven cannot help him; if there were a thoufand Chri/ts, he.fhouldpe- rifh without them ; and why wilt thou not defpair in thy felfe? Defpaire? God forbid. I'le never defpair while I live, God is more mercifull then fo, and I hope I need not defpair. Chrift dyed for 'inners, and I were a fool if I Ihould defpair. Thus thou plea- d& with God for thy vain hopes ; But why wilt F thou ?