Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

26 Wilfull 7mpenitency Repngnanti, non volenti ne- ceftas eft. Sen. thou, faies God ; why wilt thou plead with me ? thou haft tranfgreffed againft me, 7er.2. 29. Thou pleadeft for hopes, and heft in thy finnes ; why wilt thou? Mark, the Will is fet on it ; and thou wilt plead ; Thou mighteft defpair of thy feife, but thou Wilt nor, and therefore thou wilt wilfully perifh. Thirdly, but I cannot pull down mine own heart, nor mailer mine own will, fai'ft thou. No ? Why then canit thou not go and figue it to God? Lord, here is a proud heart, I cannot humble it ; Oh, here is a fto- ny heart, I cannot break it ; Lord, do thou : here is a rebellious heart, I cannot fubdue it ; Lord, do thou. But thou wilt not reftgne up this heart, thou wilt not fet about it as well as thou canit ; they will not frame their doings to turn unto God, Hof 5.4. they will not : fo, thou wilt not frame thy felfe to do it as well as thou canif ; and therefore thou dolt willingly go on, and thou art wholly inexcufable before God; and when he fends thee to Hell, thou (halt know thine own will brought thee thither. Thou might ft reform thine outward man, but thou wilt not; thou might-It bridle thy tufts, and thypafïìons, but thou wilt not ; thou might°li take a thoufand good opportunities, but thou wilt not. And therefore thou haft no excufe before God, thou dolt willingly perifh. Its true, thou canft not, may be; but neceflìtie is not it, but thou wilt not. Indeed, if thou didfi every day labour to fight againft thy lufts, and refill to the utmoft, and couldit not, then it were ne- cefíìtie ; but thou doll- not : nay, thou wilt not. He that refifteth, and then cannot, he may plead, Lord, what awofull neceffity of finning am I in l but thou givefi way to thy tufts, and therefore thou art inexcufable, and thou doff willingly peril& The