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the gr °fell Self-murder. ;7 not call out this fame hard hearted Divel; Thus we fay, like the difciples of Chrii, wee could not calf him oat. O faithleffe Generation, how long Jhall I be with you, fayesChrifl? Cannot cart him out? Why? he could go out by Preaching and Fafting. So thefe fame diflem- pers of heart, thefe frozen hearted Divels would go out 'bone enough by Falling and Praying ; but Oh, we are fo lazy thereat, and fo cold, and fo dead, and fo drove- fie, we do not take pains. There is teaching in abun- dance, and why cannot we learn ? There is miler] e- nough on the Church, and why cannot we mourn ? There is woe enough a coming, and why cannot we provide for't afore-hand ? God will whip out thefe lazy weeds out of us, if we belong to him ; O, it provokes him ! as Vinegar to the Teeth, and fmoake to the Eyes, fo is the fluggard to him that fends him. Ah, thou lazy drone ; this 'tis to fend a leaden -heeld drone of ones errand ; it makes the Mafter looke as fowrely on him,. as if he had drunke a Porringer of Vinegar. So beloved, this our (loth to good things, it does deeply provoke God ; there is many a mercy we lofe, becaufe of our cloth ; many a grace we never attaine ; nay, many a cre ffe and many a trouble do we get by reafon of our cloth. Oh, ` let us flirt up our felves and blow up the foari es that are under the embers, or elfe it will be evill and bitter. that God will make us to fuffer. And you that live in your fins, let me tell you ; ye can never Tooke for mercy, except ye !hake off-your ( loth; ye may de re to be converted, and pardoned, and faved, and fo forth ; hut the foul of the fluggard aefireth and hath not. But the diligent fball be made fat. 'Tis the diligent, the diligent only that (hall be fatted with grace ; but ye may defìre all dayes of your life, yet ye (hall never have grace, except ye take paines. Nay, your owne reins 'hall torment you in Hel. Oh,how did I idle out my time, and let flip occafions l and I would die, and I would to hell, and I would not do otherwife,and wo is me that ever I was born, &c. The Mar.p.29. ProV. ZO.26.