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Liberum arbi- tmium libera- tun:. Wil full Impenitency The third Ground. A wickedman will not let himfel f to ufe all the means that he may. HE is not onely flothfull in the ufe of the fame, nor onely will he not do as much good as he may, but alto he will not fo much as ufe the means conftantly in any fafhion. I cannot, faith he, repent, nor be fuch a new creature as you talk of; Why then wilt thou not ufe the means ? This makes thee inexcufable. All the whole World, both godly and ungodly, have a cannot ; indeed the ungodly their cannot is large and begins foo- ner, but the godly their cannot is much lefened, and be- gins further of. The Lord inables them to go further then all the wicked of the World; but beyond that there begins their cannot. I fay, all the whole World have their cannot; I call that the means of grace, which is between their Can and their cannot. As Prayers, and hearing the word, and fludying, and meditating,- &c; The Lord feeing all men in their cannot:, hath appoin- ted fuch means as they can, whereby they are to Peek unto God to do that which they cannot. Now a child of God whole cannot is in Tome meafure healed by grace, he can pray in faith, and hear in faith, &c. And ther- fore Prayer in faith, hearing Gods Word in faith, &c. are his means to get more ; he cannot obey more, nor believe more ; but he ufes thefe means that he may. But a wicked man his cannot is larger ; be cannot pray in faith, and do thefe in faith and therefore the faithfull doing of thefe duties are not his means. I cannot do fo, (ayes he ; No? but thou mail' let upon them all, and do them in as good manner as thou cant{ ; that is thy means. Though thou cant} not pray in faith, yet thou cant' fet up con - fiant Prayers in thy Family though, fuch as they are. Thou