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44 go conitantly to mine ? The reproofe was very equall. If thou wilt not fet upon the means, thou art molt e- qually condemned. I cannot preach fo often as fome do, nor be fo much retdent as fome are. No ? Why wilt thou not give over one of thy two Livings then ? Thou art able to do that : If thou'lt not fet upon the means, thy condemnation is equal?. Thus I have confirmed this firft Point, namely That the wicked may ufe thofe means that the Lord commands them, as means. In the fecond place I (hewed that this being thus, thy condemnation mutt be wilfull,if thou wilt not of e all the means. Wilfts![ Impenitency t . /lrgu. eArgnments to prove it. Firít, The Lord will not helpe that man by a miracle to go, that loath legs to go, and will not. Thou fayeft, thou wouldlt faine go to Heaven; tell me, What legs bath God given thee ? What means bath he lent thee ? If thou wilt not ufe them, the Lord will never help thee without. Had the Ifraelites had any means to have gotten over f ordan, as Ships or Barkes,; Boates, or Bridges, or Fords, and they wòuld not, hee would never,have helpt.ìhem over without. You know how the Lordparted the waters, Jofh.3.1 3. but if they, had refuled the Means, he would not have help'd them on this manner without: if they had food fafficient in the Wilderneffe to eat, and they would not, he would not have rained food downe upon them. Had they had Shoomakers and Drapers, and cloth fufficient to come by, and they would not, he would never have mira- ceeloufly help'd the garmentsfrom wearing It's a tempting of God, when thou haft the meanes, and wilt not be diligent in them, to delire God to helpe thee without; thou wouldit have thy childrenGods children, thy fa- mily Chrifts family ; then afe the meaoses. Set up the con-