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The prof "eht Self murder. 45 confiant invocation of Gods Name, Morning and Even- ing among them ; fer up Reading fet up Catechifing, and every good thing orthou canft never expea it. Wóuldfl thou be holy, and heavenly ? t hen ufe the means; Talk of Heaven in thy meetings; reafon about grace,inquire of good fouls, and how may I come by an humble heart ? How may I get faith,. and be led by the fpirit? If thou wilt not be confiant in- the ufe of themeans, all by prayers to cod arenothing but tempting:. Thou art troubled with by-thoughts; thou fayfl,thou wouldfl fain be delivered there -from ; then ufe the means,bè not fo long without God every hour, pray every day oftner, ¡}rive in the dusty the harder; if thou wilt not ufe the means, god will never help thee without. Thou art full of thy doubtings, thou fayfl thou heartily defireft to be freed; then ufe the mears,or thou lyeft: give over thy broad walling,thy broad acquaintance ; thofe that have no more holinefs in them then the ¡lock are thy bofomefi friends.If thou wilt not ufe the means,God will never af- fure thee without, nor convert thee without ; .if Dives his five brethren will not heareMofesand the Prophets, they fhall have no miracle from the dead, Luke.i6.i 8. if God lend thee the means,he will not lave thee without. Secondly, Godwin not bate thee a farthing of the price he fets thee at ; when a Tradefman hath once fet his low- eft-price; he will not go lower. Now the nfe of the means are Gods lowefi price, the Lord will not bate a far- thing of that;wherfore is a price put into the hand of a,, fool? Pro. i 7. i 6.The means of grace are this price,and the price is in thy hands;when the Lord vouchfafes thee the means, hee'l not bate thee a farthing of this price.He fets this price on his mercies and : graces, thou muff ufe all the means -; rotas though grace-might be valued; no it ex- ceedeth all prices;or as though gracewere not free; Yea, 'its free and without price : its fit though that this price 'Ihould be fet upon the alms, that she `proud beg- gar ¡hould choofe to receive it ; if thou wilt not give Note. 2. Arges.