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52 TYilfull Tnapeniteney it. This is meere millfetlne jfe ; this, and not a cannot,is a caufe of thy doeft not. Thou can't not indeed becaufe thou art carnali, but thy cannot is dead and not operative,thy c.ecus efi et will is the caufe of thy does not, Like the mil fat blind palpebras man, He was blind and would not open his eyelids. He etaudit. could not fee, but his cannot lay dead, for he would not open his eye lids ; his cannot is not operative till he will open his eye- lids. If he could fee, yet he could not till he would open his eyelids, fo thou wilt not open thine eye lids. s Cannot. Secondly, the Scri , fpeakes of a deliberate cannot, .t when a man cannot oiaathing, onely becanfe he cannot finde in bis heart to doe it. Thou canif not repent of this and that [inne and forfake it, the truth is ; thy cannot is this thou canfi not ft ode in thy heart to forgoe is. Such a court is fo profitable and pleating to thy flefh , thou canif not finde in thy heart to abandon it,thou canfl not find in thy heart to be friends with Inch a one ; to prt with thy vanities, or to abridge thy felfe of thine angry fpeeches when thou art flird, &c. Thou canif not find in thy heart to doe it. As the jemes, you cannot believe, (ayes Chrift,becaufeyee feeke honour one of another, f ob 5.44.they would feine be well thought of , of all their acquain- tance, and therefore they could not find in their heart to believe in Cbrifl. Oh that would make thee to be out of favour with the Pharifies, and to be counted bat ly of in the World. Therefore they could not find in their heart to believe ; now this is no excufe ; thou canif not turne unto God, thou canif not find in thy heart to part with thy lulls ; this is thy cannot. 3 Cannot. Thirdly , the Scripture fpeakes of a judicial/ cannot, as a rogue cannot goe, becaufe for his layering the Ma- giftrate bath lockt him in the flocks ; This does not excufe thee one jot,fhal l the villaine be wilful! in his loytering, and then complaine of the Magiftrate that he is not able to goeabout his worke? I cannot goe about my worke (ayes he; and who bad him be fo idle as not to goe about it