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54 WilfitllImpenitenéy compounding of thy fecurity andlazinef a with R.eligion,th at is the reafon why thou canfi not ,' this is it that makes our prayers hard, and our repentings hard, our belie vings and all our performances hard ; becaufe we would faine be compounding. We have much adoe to Pray,our hearts can hardly be brought to wraflle, much adoe to be humbled,our wils will hardly floope; ifit were not for thefe compoundings thefe duties were eafie. And what excufe hall thou hence ? none at all, for its a cannot onely in the compounded fence that thou makeft it. Fifthly, the Scripture fpeakes of a humbling cannot , a cannot not to bolfter thee up in thy exculès, but onely to humble thee that thou mayefl be driven out of thy Celle unto God. A fervant cannot live except it be his Mailers pleafure to take piety on him; Is this any pre- tence to him to anger his Malter ? or to be negligent of his Mailers commands ? nay rather it forceth him to be fo much the more carefull to obey him, and to be hum ble before him. So the Scripture Cayes, that thou canal not without God, except God thew mercy on thee, to convert thee and Cave thee, thou canll not be accepted of him. All this- le to humble they, not to belpe thee with excufes. Tuth 1 cannot doe as his Miniflers doe bid me, I cannot mortifie thefe fins, I cannot be fo aria, this is too much prccilèneffe you fpeake of 0 murmur not, this cannot it onely to humble thee; mummitr not among your felves. No mart cats come to me except the father draw him, f oh.6 43,44 This is no rea!bn why thou thouldit murmur or cavill, or be trbborne as thou art, thou cable not come at Chrill ex. cept the father take pity on thee to draw rhee.Thou hail Co much the more reafon to be humbled, and not to goe on wittingly and wilfully as thou doelt.Canti thou not be holy,and faved, except he be pleafed to piety thee ? in what a wofall cafe then art thou to provoke him as thou dolt.? So much (hall (office for the fiat Obje6tion,drawn out of the Scripture. The pond thing thou ohjerlefi, is thy willingne jf"e : thou wouldfi Notz. S.Canriot. -46