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thegroffill' Self-anurder. wouldfi as thou pretendeff, but thou canfi not. I anfwer thee for this. Firft, may be its the will of thy confcience, and not the willof thy heart ; thy heart is carnali and unacquainted with God, and Co its contented to be, onely thy contai' ence would have thee grow better and more heavenly ; but thy heart will not yeild ; and therefore all thy wil- lings are nothings but ddudings; they are only the wif- liogs ofconfcience and not of thy heart. Thou art cha, fing and fretting every foot, thy confcience tells thee thou íhouldli not, thou art praying carnally every day ; when thou haft done, conf.ience fayes thouíhouldit pray holyer then fo , confcience would but thou wilt not, confcience would havetheeget aflïtrance for Heaven, but thou wilt not be at the paints, Alas, this makes thee inexcufable, for now thou condemn* thy fe f ,and yet wilt finne ; thon art inexcufable O man whofoever thou art that judgeft, for wherein thou judgeft another, thou condenz. neff thy felfr. Rom.2. t t. marke, when a man condemneth hirnfelfe he is then inexcufable. (I doe not now quote it for the particular the Apoftle does inftance in there for judging another) for the truth is the fame, whatfoever finne we doe inflance in the truth is this that Paul grounds his fpe.ech on. He that condemneth himfelfe in a flan, andyet will gee on in it; that man is inexcufable. W hat now haft thou gotten by thy plea? thou wouldit, thou fayeft ; this makes thy finne to be worfe in that thy corn fcience would,and yet for all that thou wilt not. Secondly, may be its a copulative will; thou haft a will to repent and be godly, but it is with a copulativewill. Repentance and fonte lull, godlineffe and Tome luff ; thou wouldit faine pleafe the Lord and thine own lull too, be religious and proud too, believe in Chrift and covet too, and be vaine too, &c. Thou haft a will , but it is a copulative will , to ferve God and doe this too : Pith, cannot I ferve God and doe this, too : No, no ; this fame copulative will is a fiat contradiliien. Couple light And dark- 55 2. Obje&. anfwered. Note.