Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

Wilfull Tntpeniteney when thou cornett to fee who the Saints be,namely,fuch and fuch whom thou conceive( to be flrange people and Puritans, then thou haft no delire to be one. Thou de, lirefl to goe after Cbri ff, thou doll ignorantly defire it, for when thou left thou muff take :Ibis eroJ,then thou haft no defire thereunto ; as the Prophet fpeakes of Ghrilt in cheperfou of the wicked: when we fhall fee him, there is no beaMty that we fhould defire hint, Efay 53.2. thou delireft with ignorant delires before thou feell who he is ; but when thou feeli who he is, thou doll not defire him. Thou delirell his grace,thou deftreff to believe and repent, and to put up injuries, theta are ignorant delires before thou feel} what they be ; but when thou feel} what they be,what the inju y is that thou fhouldit put up,then thou doll not defire to put it up ; what the fnneisthat thou fhouldit leave, then thou doll not defire for to leave it when thou feel/ them, then thou doll not delire then:. When we fhaIl fee him, there is no beauty that we /bona defire him. Thirdly, thou haft wandering defires.Oh faith one,you have a happy turne,you have good Preaching, and good means to be godly, and be edified. I delire to be fo; but alas our NIinifter does not Preach, and we have a elumbe dogge; and I am in a very wicked place, Ill were as you area I fhould count my felfe happy. God knowes,Idefire heartily the edification of my foule;thus thy delires wan - der after other users, cafes ; and thou wilt not f iere out fer thine owne. low doelt thou defire to be edified,when thou wilt not flir out two or three miles to be edified ? Thy delires are like wandering vagrants, that will be every where wandring, but only there where they fhould be.So thy delires goeroving up and down, and you are happy, acid he is happy, and thou art unwilling in the meane time to labour, where and how God bath appointed thee. Thefe are none but gadding , wandring delires : better is the fight eftbe eye, then the wandring of the defire, Each6.9.thy delires wander abroad to a rowing company of