Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

the gros( self- murder. ofwifbes , but thou wilt not obferve that which God gives thee to fee;thus much of the third objettion,drawn from defire. The fourth Obj ellion. 7beurefolvefl and haft good purpofes, but oh thou canfi not performe them. I anfwer thee, doe but confider what thy purpofe is, and thou (halt fee how thou art cozened ; there purpofes thou fpeak'fl of are onely voluntateo de futuro. I will here- after looke to it better then I have done heretofore. Hereafter I will, I purpofe, that is hereafter I will; alas : this will for hereafter is no will. Firfl,becaufe its onely to fhufell of the willing for the pre. fent. Now the heart is unwilling to obey, and therefore it puts off the Commandment to hereafter, not for any futh defire that it hath to doe it hereafter, but only be caufe it is unwilling to doe it for the prefent. Like a man that is unwilling to lend,I'le lend you hereafter (ayes he, fay not unto thy Neighbour goe and come again?, and to mor- row I will give thee, when thou baft it by thee, Frog .28. his purpofe to lend him to morrow, was only becaufe he would fhuffell off the lending to day.And therefore this purpofe of willing hereafter, is no will at all, but onely to (huffell off the willing for the preCent Thou haft the opportunity by thee, why doli thou not take it? thou haft the temptation by thee, why doff thou not refit it ? doft thou fay thou haft a will for hereafter, that is but a gull, that thou mayeft not will for the pretent. Secondly, this will for hereafter is no will,becaufe it goes without Gods ; no will can goe without God. Gods will, is now, he would have thee now and thou wilt not ; thou wilt hereafter, but then may be he will not. He that will not when he may, when he will he (hall have nay ; after- wards thou wouldit faine be converted, and pardoned, &c. Lord open to me, nay but 0 man, when I would thou wouldit 3 Obje&. anfwered.