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thegro,t self-murder. damnation wilful' , and thy ruin wilyall. To conclude then , underfland all that you will not heare and obey. Fit*, that your defftot Tian is Font yaur felf,you cannot call it upon God;he offers you the means to efcape it,and you will not, H f, 13.9. Secondly, your defireetlion is m9 f1 34, you cannot al leadge feverity or cruelty ; no ; your felves are cruel' ones. You judge your own felves unto Hell. The Lord prefab the Gofpel lof grace upon you and youpet it off; Aff.13.46. Thirdly, your defiruúioon is inexcu fable, you have no thing to excufe you ; God hash taken away all cloaks of excufes, he hath offered you fining knowledge and you would not ; a Ghri f i andyou would not : good mations, court - fels, threatnings, and you would not. Ygur mouthes are quite flopped when you perifh. Matth.2 .'Ya... ,_ Fourthly,your defirultion isunavoydable;if you wqúld have relented and yeilded, there might have been e hope, but you would not. You have hardnedyour necks , and what's that but a will not? Therefore you fhall be defiroy. ed without remedy, Prov. z 9.1. Fifthly, yourdefireectian it pittileffe; what eye can pit - ty you ? ¡«iii, will bave will, though Will will have woe, as we fay; not God, nor Angels, nor Saints,no eye can pi- ty you.If the thiefe will fleale and will to the Gallowes, let him goe ; he is no obje& of pity ; as we fay of a wil- full man, no tale can tune him to take heoed.fo no means can tune you to take heed; and therefore when you rue it, you cannot be pittied. Sixthly,your defiruction is grievous;ofall plagues,none will fret more, then thofe which one hath wilfully puld on himfelfe. You'le one day gnafh your own teeth,curfe your own will s,banne your own hearts; woe is me, I am under the ra, and my felfe gathered it ; in Hell, and my felfe kindled it. I might have prevented it, but d would not. Mn' u 63