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5Obje 4. anfwere.l. Wilful! Impenilency wouldff not; now thou wouldfi, but I will net, thy will is for hereafter goes,without Gods,and therefore tis no will. Thirdly, thy will for hereafter is no will,becaufe thou (halt mitre thofefuppofitionthat thou willedfi upon. Firf' , Thou fuppof ft thou (halt have fewer temptations hereafter.0 when there troubles are over, and there temp- tations are over, I will; nay but0 man when there are all over, new ones will come. And if the temptations for the prefent be a hinderance, force temptation or other as bad thou ihalt meet with,that (hall hinder thee hereafter much more, and therefore this fuppofition is fate. Secondly, thou fuppofefi thou fhatt be fitter bereafier;but qui non eft bodie era, minus aptos erit, if thou beeft not fit now, much leffe wilt thou be afterwards, thou'lt be unfit. ter and unfïtter ; like meat, the longer it is kept,the un- fitter ti s to be eaten, and therefore this fuppofition is falfe too. Fourthly, thy will for hereafter is no will,' but a mocke- ry. 4ntigonus ó.lbtruP,AntigonusI willgive,this isnot good in mens Lawes,much leff in Gods. Dab,, I will give y this is no gift, (ayes the Law. So refzpifcam, I will repent, this it no repentance, fáyes God ; thus you fee this objetlion is nothing, never tell me of thy purpofes, thy porpofes, are willings for hereafter,and they are no wills at all. The fifth ObjeIlion. Thou endeaveurefi and laboureff to ferve God and to be Paved. I anfwer thee, Alas ; Is this to labour for grace and frr Heaven, when thou labourefl fo id) ? as God faid of that aftin ; fo may I fay of thy labour, Is this the faff that j hays 'chofe n ? to alit&l a mans felfe for a day ? So is this the labour that I have chofen ? To labour fo as thou labor, reff ? but I need not to infifi on this plea, thy confcience is able to anfwer it. Thou labour? thy confcience knows well enough thou art lazy, thou doll not labour for holineffe; fo then thine impenitent:), is reilfúll,and thy dam