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s% The Deuillagreat boaáerand Vpon the firth yet the greatcifbank-rupt. Ambition rneh atemp arcable toeW withland fcreet actions. For the liuelihoodofyouth, bath euer hethertobeene impati- ent, humerous,andbraine-ficke. That of oldage,is all couetoufnefie, ftringvp foradeere yeare, and filling his Wallets thenfulleft,when his iournyis fhorteff; refembling herein thofe riuers, which thenecrer they come to the Sea , which is their end,fo much the morewater theyLucke anddraw vnto them. Some may thinke that the Deuill playd thePoole , in offering all tohim that defpiL7da 1. For Chrift contemned the wealth andglorieof thisWorld. For toofferbread' to the Hungerie,honour totheAmbitious,and riches to the Couetous, the De- uil might- haue had fomegoodgroundt6worke vpon;But that he Mould offer ai to him that fcornedallhee could offer , thiswas great weakeneflè inhim : yet ( deerelybeloued ) doe not you reckonthis fo flight a temptation,and fo poore- an onfet,as you would make it. For all Hell hath notamore powerful! peeve' ofOrdnance tobatter our brefts withall,than this, it is the only tnurdring peece, that hee hath , andwhat man is able to refill it t uàr ell hic , a laudateimuu cum, Shots me the man, that 1 maycommend him . Thou (halt not findone amongft the Princes of the people; nor amongft the Miniftersof Kings , nor amongifthe featsof Iuffice, nor amiditthehoneffie ofMarried -folkes, nor the modcffie of Maidens, no,horinthe Monafferies ofyour Nunnes, nor the Cells of your Hermits in the Wilderneffe. In old time; all the States of the the world , were incompetition about theelelingofanEmperor among the Gods. The Priefts, chofe Appollo for his Wifedome; the Souldiers , (Mars for his Valour ; the Merchants,Merourie,for hisnegociating;the Phifitions, A fculapixQ, forthe emi- nencie ofhis Cures.But when itwas brought to that paffethat they muff fettle vpon fome oneto bee Emperour, by a ioynt cogent they all madechoiceof Iupiter, becaufe hee was the God thatcamedowne into the World in a fhowre of Gold. Alltheft thingsnillllgiue thee. The Deuill,dothnot hereoffer that which he is able to glue : Bat is rather fo poore, That of all thofeKingdomes whereofhe makes fo largeaprofer , he bath not fomuchas one Poore fpike-hole in a wall: The richneffe ofaPrince is;tobe feenein his Ward-robe and Richnefle ofhis prouifion : There comes inbefore him ahundred Mules, Sumpter-Clotheson their backer, imbrodered with frlke,filuer,andgold, with their goriets ofrnaf= fie-plate,&c. lob paintingfoorth the DeuilsWard-robe, fayth, Antefaciem thus pr.acedateeefae, (i.) Wantfliall got befoiehis face. All hisWard-robe, is couered ouer with pouerrieandwant ; all his treafures,aredifl'embled wares,"counterfait ffuffe. Lift vphis Sumpter- clothes, openhisTrurickes , and you-fhalI finde no- thing butftones,and apples,making fliowof the oneto our Sauiour,ofthe other toEue. So that hee is fopoore,that bee not fomuchas one farthing ofall thofe immenfetreafures which heeoffers ; But he offeieth that which he would giue,if hee were (ashe is n Lord ofall theWorld. Suchwastheperplexi tie andanxietie of minde, that beehad, toknowwhowas Chriff ourSauiour that if all the Kingdomesof the earth had beene his, heewould giue them all to fee him humbledat his feet. Heeoffers thee butlitrle,becaufe hemakes little reckoningof thee ; for thou art fo bafe minded,thatthouwilt-fell thy felfe ve- tohim atan eafie rate. But howcould theDeuil hope,withhthefe onely feemingandapparentpods to worke fo greata Conqueff on fo valiantaBteft r Ianfwer, That it is the De- uilspolicie, tobait ourWils and Affe&ions with theapprehenfión of imagina- rie goods, rather than'with the inioyingoftrue and realigoods indeed. Nay,the gloriesof theWorld,once inioy'd,cáufethakindeffurfet and loathing,which -._. _ _. . . is