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Angels are the proteetorsofGods, Sunday in Lent. Serm45. children,and what finerGard ? 89 allour vioorieconfifts in freeing our felues from his tongue. And it maybelob alludedhereunto,when he fpeaketh of the Deuill in the metaphor ofaWhale, iob 40. Wilt thoubindhis tongue witha cord? For the Deuill hauing all his ftrength in his tongue,fee how that fifhwhenthe harping Ironshath caught hold onhim,ftrug- gles on the fand,andbeats himfelfe vpon the beach,but all invaine,to get loofe, and at laft fwels &bunts withanger; fo is it with the Deuill,when we haue tied aknot vpon his tongue. His Angelis, To thofe whomGod loueth,and fuch as arehisch?ldren,Saint Cypriots faith , That Godhath giuen order tohis Angells , togardand proteo them ;ifa tyle fhould fai towards them,to ftrike it afide ;ifftumble,to takehold on them that they fhouldnot fall : How then could aperfon fo holy,fo beloued of God, be afraid r Goddid hisPeople agreat fauour ingiuingthem anAngel to be their Guide. Precedes te Angelus mew, fending anAngellto Daniel to feed him ; toTobias,to accompanie him in his journey ; to Samaria, whenZenacharib fo ftreightly befiegedit, one Angell flaying fomany thoufandsofbrauevaliant Souldiers. But greater is thatfauour which he promifeth here to the Iuft, Ange- lisfuisDeusmandauitde te. The Lyons garded Daniel in Babylon ; the Whale, tons ; the ArkeofBulrufhes,Mofec:Tnomnibus vÿs tuis,Inallthy ways, be it in the a ire, in theearth,or in thefea, Gods Angelswill fogard thee,that thou shalt not dafh thy foot againft a [tone. MaiiyEmperours and Kings haue fcattered Gold on the ground throughwhich theyhauegone ; many haue beene drawne in their Chariots byLyons and Elephants ; but farremore pretiousarethe hands ofAngells ; andheethat hath them to helpe him,need not to touch theground withhis feet. Scriptumefienim, Angelisfuis . The firft viootie thatthe Deuillgot in the TheDeuill world, washy interpreting ina frnifter fence,thofe words of Godwhich he had filfe iLiner e deliueredtoourfiat Parents : and this courfe doth hee continue here with our ter of the Sauiour; and thefame dothhis followers the Hereticks obferue to this day.Saint Scripture. Peter calls them,vnlearned, andwauering, and faithof them, That theydepraue andperuert the Scripture,totheirowne ruineanddeftruoion. Saint Cyrilhand- leth this point verseelegantly, inoneof his Epiftles : Andorigen faith, Thatas the childrenof Corah didputftrange firevpon the Alter ; foyour Hereticks by altering the Scripture, put Orange fire to the Alter of Truth. SaintChryf.Fiome, That they immitatethe Deuill, by citingScripture falfely, as the Deuill did in this temptation, Peeking (as itwere) by acleere and manifefttruth, toperfuade our Sauiourto entertaineanotorious lie, and to admit ofamonftrous follie ; fe- curing him, that his perfon fhouldbeproteoedbyAngells , fromany enfuing harme, if hee wouldbut throw himfelfe downe from thePinacleof the Tem- ple. I terme it fol lie ; for,as Man,heehadno reafontodoe any fuch rafhand in- confideratea%Qn ; and, as God, heehadno needeto playthe Tumbler, and to flie in theafire. omnia tibi dabo. All theftthings will sue thee . Saint Ambraf faith,That inthefe three temp- tationsthe Deuill had laid threeginnes , wherewithhee vfeth to intrapman in thofethree Agesof his,to wit, hischildhood, his manhood, and hiselderage. Thediforderof childrenconfifis in eating ; theyare ordinarilycrauing,Lbil cry- ing out formore meat, little young Gluttons, andfuch fylliefooles, as tohaue TheDeuill hath;.Giríns anApple, theywill part witha piece of Gold. That of our youthfiilleryeres, when wee begin to writeman, is to runneheadlong into all defperate and vndi- to iatr óit.. threeAges. H 3 fcreete