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94. ¡ IudgementpropectoalltheTreltie, On the lvlundayafter and whyheredtuibuted toChri. Wifedolne islikewifeattributed vnto him,whichisthe fouleof the Iudge. So that theSonne (as he is God) is the eternall Iudge, and the Lordvniuerfall , to whom the Father hath communicated this dominion by an eternall gene- ration. Generando nam largiendo , faithSaint Ambrofe. But as he is man,theblef- fed Trinitie gaue him this power in tempore, by vniting himto our nature ; see gme himpower todoejudgement : And Saint lohnglues the reafonthereof, Becaufe he is the SonneofMan ; it beeing held fit that Man fhouldbefamed byMan; Gods merciegaining thereby glorie ; and Mans meanneffe,authoritie. And therefore it was thought fir,thatMan fhould be iudged byMan ; Gods j uftice remaining thereby iuftified ; and Mans Caufe fecured : For, What greater fecuritie canman haue,thanthat hee fhould bee Mans Iudge,whogauehis lifefor Man, shedding his blond on the Croffefor Mans faluation r SodothSaint Auflen expound that placealledgedbySaint lohn,Dedit eijua ciamfacere,piafilime baminisell. No (mat corn- On theone fidehere is matter of hope&comfort ; onthe other, offeare and fort that trembling : Who will not hope for 'Attiefromaman,and fucha man that is my Chria(halbe brother, my aduocate , my friend who tomake me rich had made himfelfe our Iudge. , Poorer &c. But whocanhope for anycomfort from that man that was iudged, fentenced, andcondemned vniuftlybymanvntodeath t Whocan hope for any good from that manwhofe loueman repaidwithdis-loue, and whofe life, with death t' Thefe Yronsaretoo hard for theftomacke ofman to digeft, it had need ofCome Oftriches helpe. I willnotdeltroy Ephraim, becaufeI emGod,audnot Man: God is woont to requite bad with good, difcourtefieswithbenefits ; &his loue commonly encreafeth when mans diminifheth, but mans breft is fomewhat Againe, no ftreighter laced. In aword, This his beeingMan is amatter offeare,andby how (mall tenon(. much the morewas Mansobligation,by fomuchthe more fhall the fon ofmans vengeancebee : For thepretious bloodof our Sauiour Iefus Chrift,andhis cru- ell, yet bleffed wounds, aretheSan6tuarie ofour hopes,efpecially to thofe that truft in him,and lay holdon himbyFaith : butfor thevnthankefull finner,they fhall be matter ofcowardifc,andofterrour ;and to our Sauiour Chrift minifter occafion of greaterpunifltment,andamore rigorous reuenge. Efayintroduceth theAngels queftioningour Sauiorat hisentrance intoHeauen, Jarera6rumell veflimentum tuam f cut calcantium intorculari?Whyare thygarments,oLord,likeve- to thof thattreadeheWinepre ? Yöu faywel ; for Ihaue troden,like thegrapes, my enemies vnder foot, and my garments are fprinkled and ftained with their blond. O Lord,this bloudie fpoyle wouldwell haue befeemed theeon earth ; But what dooft thou makewith ithere inHeauen' Dies vltianis in carde mee . Theday will come when I fhall bee reuengedat full ofthofe ill requited bene- fitswhich I beftowed onmyPeople; andall that patiencewhich I then íhewved, fhall beturned into wrathand endleffe anger. Saintchryfofiorne interpreting that placeof Saint c.a athew, Sanguis eiusfuper nos, Let his blondbevpor vs andoarchil- dren; faiththus, Thetime}hall come, that theblond thatmight haue giuen you life, fhalI occafionyour death ; it (hall be vnroyou worfe thanthat Fireof$aby- Ion, which theKing intendedfor death, though in theend itturned to life: The bloud ofChrift was intended for life, but itfhall end indeath. Hof,: faith, va eis,cum recefl'eroab eis : AnotherTranslation hath it, Caro meaabeis. When the Sonneofmans merciewas come tothat heigth,as mansthoughtcouldnot fet it higher ; to wit, That Godin mans fauour fhould takemans flefhvpon him ; woe vntothofemenwhowerevnmindfull of fogreat ableffing : for this extraordi- narie courtefieofhis being fovnthankfully entertained, and fo ill requited,fhall be their condemnation,forwhofe faluationit wasintended. Comma time Put R - nacerotis,