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SERMONS VPON ALL THE Q ADRAGESSIMAL GOSPEL LS. THE FIRST SERMON, ON ASHWEDNESDAY. e5i'femento Homo, quia cinic es Remember Man,that thouart but Dull. HE remembrance of death (faith Climachtes ) is , amongft other remembrances , as bread amongft other meats ; howbeit it is morene- cefiarie for the foule,than bread for thebodie : For a man may hue manydayeswithout bread, but the foule cannot doe fo without the remembrance of death. !And it isthegenerali opinionofall thebelt andholieft Writers, Perfethitamamvitamof conti- nuum mortis meditationem,i.That the mollperfect life is a centinuall meditationofdeath.' Chryfofiome expoun- ding that placeof Saint Luke,fivoltvenirepoft me, i. He that willfollowme, faith, That Chrift commandethvsnot tobearevponour backer that heauieburthenofthewoodden Croffe, but that we fhouldaiwayes fet our death beforeoureyes: making that ofSaint Paul tobe our Imprefe, Auo- tidié morior,i.IdieSlyly. In the fecondoftheKings it is recounted, that the hoiyKing lofiaadid clenfe the people from their Altars,their Groues,andhigh places,where innumerable Idolatries dayly increafed: andto amend this ill, heplacedthere in their Read, bones,skulls,and theMlles of deadmen. Whofe iudgement herein was very difcreete ; For frommans forgettingof hisbeginning &his end,arife his Idola- tries; and fo reuiuing by thofe bones the rememberance ofwhat they were hertofore,&what theyThal be hereafter,hedidmake themamend thatmifchief. A Verne Trueli re is to meditateon death.