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z Mans, Fúde and Va. Vpon Aiiwednefday. nine {hewn. '< In boating himfelfe to bee what he it not. Re r. cara.e4p.9. 3 Inptomifing himfelfe to be whathe tan. aot. rVerse many, nay numberleffeare thofemen which adore the nobleneffe of theirLinage ; andout ofa defre that theyhaue to makegood defcent and a beginning,they multiplie Coats one vponanother, hangvp Scutchions, blazon forth their Armes,tell you large hiftoriesof their pedigrees and genealogies, andmany times molt ofthem meere lies and fables. Ezechieldid reprefent thefe vnto vsin thofe twentie flueyong menwhich were befotted and raui(bed in be- holding theSunne; whichbyway ofexpofition fignifieth the adoringof the glorie oftheirbirth. But leaningthefe as fooles,who glorie in thegold that gli- fters,the Church teacheththeeanother leffon, and (ayes vntothee, t.Memento homo,Remembermange. Godcreated vldarnofthe bafeft matter, of versedurt : butthis Dort being molded byGods owne hand,and infpiring it with fo much wifedome, councell, and prudence;Tertullian calls it Cura diuini ingeng, i. ThecurioufnefofGods wit : but mangrowing proud hereupon, andhoping to bea God himfelfe, Goddoo- medhim to death, and wrapped himagaine inhis durtic fwadling clouts with this infcription, Puluis et, er inpuluerem reuerterrt, i. Dug thouart, andto duFt them {halt returne. 6f dam didnot without fomemyfterie cloath himfelfe with green leaues; for(as Saint Ambrofe hath noted it) he gaue therein, as it were, afgneand token e ofhisvaineand foolifhhopes. But as the mother,whentheu ee hath ft ung her childs finger,runneswithall haft toget alittleduct, and clapsit toher little one, whichdothaflüage the fwelling, and giue it eafe ; fo thofe bufieBees ofhel day- lyflingingvs,& striking into our brea(ts the poyfon oftheir pride&arrogancie; theChurchwith duft. and afhes, witha Cime es,Ineinerene reuerterra, i. Drift thou art,aneltodull thou{haltreturn, abates this pride, and tellsvs of thatfweIlingar- rogancieof ours. \ . When God reuealed toNebucadnezar , how little awhile his Empire was to haft, he fhewed him aftatueofdiuers mettalls, the headgold,the breft filuer,the belliebraffe, the leggèsyron, the feet clay, anda little fronewhichdefcended fromthe rnountaine,lighting onthe feet, dafhtthe ftatue in pieces. Butin ftead oftakingthis asa forewarningof hisend, and to haueit Rill beforehiseyes, he madeanother ftatueofgoldfrom top to toe, which isheld to be a durable and haftingmettal,fo thatthe more Godfought to dif-deceì.uehim,the morewashe deceiued with his vainehopes. And this is a refemblance ofthatwhich dayly hapneth vntovs : for Godaduifingvs,that ourbest building isbut durt, our idle thoughts &vaine hopes imagine it tobeofgold. And manslifebeing fo fhorr, that,a9Nazianzen laid ; irisno more than togoe out ofone graue to enterinto another, out ofthewombeofourparticular mother , into that ofthecommon mother ofvs all,which is theEarth ; we flatter our felueswith the enioying of manylong yeresof lifelBut the Churchbeingdelrousto cut offthis error,faith, cwtemento home,i. Rememberman.) By Ezeehiel God threatnedhispeople withagreat {laughter, & that theyonly fhould efcape that were marked in the forehead with the Hebrew letter ran, which isthe Iaft in thealphabet : forne fay that it hath the figureofacroffe; and it maybethat whenEzechieldid write this he had that figurebeforehim:and S. Hierome faith,Thatin Readofraathe Samaritanesdidvie the figureofa croffé. TheHebrewsbythis letter vnderftand theend , as beeingthelaft in theABC. And Godwas willing that thofe that bore thismarke in their forehead (that is, fhould hauetheir endbefore theireyes) fhould line; but that thofe that hued forgetfull of theirend, that they fhoulddie.(Andthe Church béeing defirous that