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Punirhmentin the latter day, the firft Sunday inLent. Serm. 6. proportioned toour Sins. that day,fayintheirhe chiel 1 What I dg & And F h that arty"; matedies,& in longs tempera hicProphetat ; as Eze. relates it vntovs ; cítitanda ,remanda,expetla,reexpeíla, As Efay complaines. i need thefe rophets beate theirbrains & keep fucha ftir about the dayof u ement? c. thisfault, isbyfomuchthegreater,byhowmuchGod doth fo often inculcate & reiterate inholy Scaipture, the terriblenesofthat day. or t ere is not rophet which doth not multipliehis meditations,&doth not indeere the horror ofthatday ; vfingmany fearefull comparifons for to ítrike adread & terrour vistovs,in the woful expreffion ofthermAll which,Efay fhuts vp in thefe fewwords, Innouifimis diebus, intelligetisea. Peraduenture you that now heare me tell you this, do notperfuadeyour felues that this is true,nor beleeue what I fpeake vnto you ; but inthe end (vnleffeGodgiue-you thegrace to beof anothermind) yeewill too late,aiïd yet too footle to your etwne griefe, acknowledgeand confeffe your errour. The laft fort are thofe, who beeing puffedvp withtheir profperitie, doe dif- efteemeand defpife thofethat wreNewithaduerfitie, and grone vnder the bur- thenof their rniferies 3 thinkingwith themfelues, That thofe blefingswhich Godhath beftowed vpon them inthis world, flail continuewith them in that other.TheWickedliue,andare comfortedwith Richesfaith lob; but inHel(the Poore beeing in Paradife,and theyin torment) they fhalbe forced to crieout and fayof thePooreand Hungrie,and theNaked, Thefeare they whom weefinetimesfcorned. TowhomSalomonmakesthis replie,Pirate font derifertbua , juaiciaeius : They (hall bebrought vpon that perdurableandeternall Stageof laughteraid fcome, fet vpby the Deuills ofHell , neuer tobee pulleddowne ; who (hall reprefent themfelues vnto thefemocke-games now,thatwereonce mockers and deriders of theirpoore brethren, in that formidableand gaitlymanner, as (hall make theirhaire ftandanend,whileft they (hall heare(to aggrauatetheir griefs) thatfeuere Sentence, and that irreuocable Doome, pronoun- ced from the infinite Maieftie ofan auftereand angrie Iudge, Gee yeeinteruerlajiingfire, &e. From which theLord, &c. THE &Zecb. ia. Prem. 19.