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104 ON 'N? toa THE SEVENTH SERMON, VP OW THE VES V A r AFTER THE FIRST SVN- DAT r2L, LENT. MAT. yr. Cum introiJt f efus HierofIymam, commota eft vniuerfa Ciuitaß. When Iefus entred into Ierufalem,the whole Citiewas troubled. Iu&ification agreater worke than Creati&n. HeStorie ofthis Gofpell is fet downe at large in thofe two Chapters,znTomemiraculerum,whichwas a fitplace to treat thereof. For origen faith , That this was a greatermiracle thanChrifts turningofWater intoWine,at the Weddingin Canaan. AndSaint Hierome, That it was greater thanany other ofour Sauiours miracles ; InterSignaomnia,quafecit, hoc videturmirabiliva : And the reafon is, For that in Lazart e that was dead, andin theMan that wasblind, heemet with no contradi&ionor repugnancie:but for tomooue fomany, nay, fo innumerablewills as thofe of Ierufalem, and that theyfhouldbedrawneto receiuehim astheir King andMel- fias, whom the CIergieand Nobilitiedid fomuch hate &abhorre,carrieswith it aplaine and manifeft refiflance. And, as Saint Augufline faith, That toiuftifie a Soule, is more than to create Heauen and Earth , in regardof the oppofition which thewill of Man may make thereunto ; fo,for ourSauiorto mooue thofe thatwere aliue in that moll populousCitie, was more thanto raife the dead. And for confirmationof this Doétrine,let vs fuppofethat theearth is of that ftabilitieand firmeneffe, thattomooueit isa Blazon or Cognifanceonly belon- ging vnto God. Eccleftaficae faith, Terraautem ineternal? flat. And Athanafires giuing the reafonthereof,faith , That Goddidknit and fatten it inthe middeft of the worldwith fuch ftrong chains,thatit remained altogether immoouable, as beeing the Center to allthe reft which God hadcreated. .zuifundafiiterram fuperflabilitatemfoam : TheGreeke reads itSecuritatem, orrnfaUibilitatem. And there-