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Mercie & Iuf}ice the two poles the fir({ Sonday in Lent. Serm.7. I 109 ofCa odsgouernetent. andgentle medicines, but they doe no good ; heetherefore turns oueranew leafe,and applies thofe vntovs that aremore fharpe andtart,whereby we come toknow as well his wifedome as his loue. The fecond, He began to call out the Buyers andthe Sellers ; Becaufe no man should pre fume, that the glorious acclamations of aKing, and of a Meffias,fhould en- dure topermit in hisTemple fuch a foule and vnieemely buying and felling : they hadno fooner proclaimedhim King, but he tooke the whipinto his hands to fcourge them for their offences. In aPrince,in a Iudge,and ina Preacher,flat -. terries and faire words are woont to abate the edge, of the Sword ofIuftice wherefore to fliew,That true praifeought themore to oblige aKing tovnfheath his Sword,he betooke him to his Whip. That acclamation and applaufè ofthe little children, our Sauiour accounted it as perfetand good ; [Exorelnfntium 6-LaHantiiiperfeciffilaudépropterInimieostuos .]Yer,for that aPrince,aJudge, or a Preacher, fhould not bee carried awaywith thepraifes ofmen; our Sauiour, though applauded inthe higheft manner that the thought ofman could imma- gine, Caps*ere Ententes 6 vendentes,&c. Reges eosinvirgoferrea,faithDauid : In thenameof the eternall Father, thou (halt (mySonne) be their Ruler& their Iudge, thoushalt beare in thy hand a Rodofyron, which(hall not bebowed as arethofe other limber wands ofyourearthly Iudges : theirs are like-fiíhing rods, which when the fifhbite not, continue{trait & right,but iftheynibble neuer fo: littleat the bait, prefentlybow andbend. Efaycalled thePreachers ofhis time, Dunibe Dogges,notable tobarke : And he prefently rendersthe reafon of this their dumbenefle, They knew noend oftheir bellie. To ear,andto talke , none can doe thefe two welland handfomely together ;and becaufe thefe Dogges haue. fuch anhungrie appetite, that they neuergiue ouer eating, becaufe nothing can fill their bellie, they aredumbc,and cannot barke , theyknow not how to open their mouths. Thethird is of Saint ChryfoflomeandTheophilaïl; who fay,Thatit was akind ofprophecie or foretelling, that thefelegallOfferings and Sacrifices were al- moft nowat an end. WhenKings and Princes exprefretheir hatred toany great Perlon in Court, it is a prognofticationof that mans fall ; The wratbofaKingis theme engerofdeath. Our SauiourChrift,the Princeofthe Church, had twice whipt out thofe that had prouidedBeafts for the Sacrificesofhis temple;which wasanvndoubted tokenof their short continuance, it beeing agreat figne of death, that one, andfuch aone, fhould come twice in this manner tovifitthem with the Rod. This conceit is much ftrengthened by the words ofour Sauiour Chrift, (foretold by the Prophet Efay) The time fliall,come wherein my. Houle (hall bee called a Houle of Prayer, andnot a Denneof Theeues, nor a common Market' of buying and felling. So that hee tooke thefe Whips in- c.i his handsas ameansto worke amendmentin his Minifters,andto fweepe and make his Houfeclean. The Iudges of theearth (faithSaint Hierome) doe pu nifh aDelinquent, ad ruinám; but God, adcafi,gationem ; theone, tohisvttervn- doing ; the other,for his amendment : And therefore hevfed noother weapons to chaftifethemwithall,but Rods andWhips, whichworke our fmart , but not ourdeath ; theypaine vs, but theydoenot killvs. Tertullian isftartled,and flan- deth much amafcdatthat punifhment which Saint Peter infliEted vpon Ananias and Saphyra,and faith, That to bereauethem fo fuddenly oftheir lifè,& to {trike them in an inftantdead at hisfoot wasthepunifhment ofaman,&ofone that had not long exercifed,nor didwell knowwhat did belong tothe office ofaBifhop. But our Sauiour Chriftbeingcome into the world to giuemen life,itwould not K haue Goda punifh- mentdifferent from thofe of EarthlyPrin- ces. Flay 56.