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108 , The frdmetha Gracedifferent Vpon theTuefdaY after Dettt.l 8. Merle and Iuftice tho two Polesof Gods govern- ment. Pfaat.; a. Hic efi Iefiit Prophetaà NazarethGalilee. This islefus. By name a Sauiour , andbyoffice aPropbet ; Alluding tothat promife made in Deutronomie,l willraifevp aProphet of thineowne W.atien: Bee- inga plaine Prophefieofour Sauiour Chrifl, as appeareth in the thirdof the Ads ; HisCountrie, Nazareth , wherehe was bred , they notknowing that he was borne inBethlem. Now thefe wife men of this World askingwith this fcorne,Who isthis ? and the foolifll ones anfwering with that difcretion, This is iefuu,&c.agrees well with thofe thankeswhichour Sauiourgaue vntohis father, Becaufe thouhail bid thefethingsfrom theWife , andhaft resealedthem to Babes. It is Gods fafbion, to ouercome aPharaoh withFlies ; andby aTilliewoman, to con- found the Learned, who faid, InBelzebab the PrinceofDeuills becaflsout Deuills : by a blind man, theIudgesof Hierufalem by alowZacheas,a tall Gyant. The order ofGrace is different from that ofNature : God,as anaturali Author,Me- dia perfummagubernat,Gouernes themeane things by thehighef,faith Dionyfru. heconrmunicateth his vertue & hispower to the fupream caufes ; andby them, to themeanerand the lowefl. The Sunne ¡nines firft vpon the Mountaines, and then thewes it felfe in the Vallies,&c. But Grace oftentimes doth firft illuminate the loweft Bottoms, and íhines oftner in them, thanon the Mountaines : it cal- led the Sheepeheards before it called the Kings; it appeared vnto the Ignorant before the Wife ; and ¡hewed it felfeto Maims Affe , beforehis Mailer tooke notice ofit. And thereforeEcclefiaflicua faith, That theSoule ofa Iuft man at- taineth tomoretruth, than thofe Watch-Towers thatare reared on the higheft Walls ; vnderfranding thereby yourgreateft Clerkes. A jufl and vpright man willnowand thenaffoord youbettercouncell thanmany wife men ; howbeit in mattersofdifficultie,and deepe pointsofknowledge, andofFaith, wemufl al- wayes haue recourfe to theWife. Cspit aicereomnes ementes d9' evendentes. Hebegan tocall out all theBuyers and theSellers . Zacharìe prophecyingof this entrance, faith, Ecce, Rex tugavenia tibi manfuettta,Behold, thy-Kingfha/lcomevnto thee, meeke. Howcanthefe two fuit together, Manfuetma,andTriumpbator, gen- tle,and yet a Conqueror r Teares in his eyes, andyet foangrie , that hee neuer ¡hewedhimfelfmore r I hauegiuenTome reafons hereof inanotherplace;thofe that now offer themfelues are thefe : TheRill, ThatMercieand luftice arethe two Poles of Gods gouernment : By thofe teares inhis eyes,andby thofe words oflamentation from hismouth, andbymoouing theheartsof that hardheartedCitie,our Sauiour gauenotable proofes ofhis mercie. But finding this infufücient to make himfelfe knowne amongf.I them, his luflicethen diddifplay it's power, bywhipping thofe Mer- chants,andin them,thePriefswho had a fhare in theirgaines : Giuingvs there- by tovnderftand, That hee that will not bee brought toknowGod by his foft hand,and chofefweetefavours of hisMercie, ¡hall bemade toknowhimby the whips andfcourges ofhis Iuftice. Godprofpers thyhoufe,thou dooft notac know:ledgeitfor ablelling; hee fends thee to anHofpitall ladenwithdifeafes, that thy tniferie.mayteach theetoknow him : He giuesthee health,thou artnot thuikefull vntohim for it ; hee calls theedowneonthybed,and then thougiueft hint thankes,not ceafingnight anddaytocall vpon him, andtopraife and bleffe hisholy name. Andtherefore itis trulyPaid, The Lordfhallbee knavne while bee worketh judgement. Our Sauioue (likeagoodPhyfition) triesvs firftbyhismild and