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"3 kIleillStftVWWW'StentlskOMtSINSMIs r;M,. aL+..'. Wagfd THE EIGHTH SERMON, VP. OJ\C THE WEDJCESDil Y AFTER THE FIRST SVN, D aT 72( LENT. M áT..,2.38. eícceferunt adlefum Scribæ&Pharfici, dicenter, e lagikter,volumus a tefignumvidere. The Scribes and Pharifeescame vntohim,faying, Mafter,weewould fee a fignefrom thee. Afterthat famous miracle ofhim that was poffefl'ed with a Deuill,asallo oftheDeafe, Biind,and Dumbe,and that our Sauiour Chrift had with powerfull reafons prooued , That forfucha workeas that, was neceffarily required afuperna= turallvertue; the Scribesand Pharifes camevnto him,who were thegraueft perfons ofthat' Commonwealth, Paying, Mafteryourperfonwiththofe ofour Religion is in great efteeme; and the wondersand miracles that thou haft wrought amongft ve,hath woon theeagreat dealeofcredit and reputation : but looking well into them, weehaue found this one fault in them, that all of them are wrought vpon ordi- narieand commonthings ; as ingiuingeyes to the Blind,atongue to theDumb, difpoffefúngaDeuill ; miraclesdone as well by othersas thy felfe, as our owne Prophetsbearewitnefl'e: and feeing thouhaft got theeagreater name than they, wewouldfaine fee thee doegreater miraclesthan they ; as to flop the Sun in his courfe, like lofhuah; to raine downeMannafromHeauen', like c_tofer; to raife whine -winds, cloath theairewithclouds, rattle forththunder,and dart rayes of lightning, as Goddidwhen heecameto giue the Law : In aword,Mafter, wee would hauethee to Phewvsa miracle from Heauen. OurSauiour Chrift, who to a fdiábleknewhow to fpellthis theirdamnable anddeuililli intention, fayd vnto them,0yeeaccurfed andadulterous generation, Seeke yee after fignes in Heauen fortodifcredit thofe that aredoneon earth Account yee there as no- thing .' Are they illufions and impoftureswith yee r Itell you, yeefball haue no figne giuenyee.btt that oflogo ; themenofNiniuie fhail rife vp in iudgement K 3 againft The wicked behauiourof thetharifes towards Chrift.