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Reafons wh ourSauiour thus anfwe. red the Pha- rifes. Thebenefits in having Chrift our maifter. The'. On the vVednefdayAfter againft y condemne yeefor aRifenecked generation, becaufethey repen- tedat the preachingofJonas, &behold,agreater than Ionu is here,and yeheare him not , nor are yourRonic hearts made malleable with the hammer ofhis words and workes. TheQueene ofthe South camefrom the vttermoftpartsof the earth to hearethe wifedomeof Wyman ; andbehold,a greater thanMaxon is here,and yee hearehim not. Our SauiourChrift with this anfwer bung'd vp the mouthes.of the Scribes and Pharifees ; while(}one ofthem that was fubtil- lerthan the reff, feeking toaccufehim ofarrogancie, pullinghimbythe fleeue, toldhim,Behold,thymotherandthybrethren ftandwithout,defiring to fpeake with thee : As ifhewould haue Paid, Whatadealeofpride is this fora Carpen- ter, and the Kinfeman ofa companie ofpoore Fifhernien t' But our Sauiour Chrift proouing, That trueKindred was contracted rather by the Spirit, than the Flefh, told them, Mymother andmy brethrenarethofe that doe the will of my Father. Generatiopraua adulterafignumquoit, &c. if wickedandadulterowGenerationfeekes afigne. Thoughpatience inour Saui- our Chriftwere a thing fonaturali who him, yes may it well bewondredat,that to fomany incurious both workes and words , hee made fo mildananfwere. That Fire fhould burne, that Snow fhouldcoole,that what isheauie fhould tend downeward,and what is light afcend upward 5 that theSunne fhould giue light, that Heauenfhouldglad the heart ofman,that a Fountaine fhould flow, it is not much : Butthat theSunne,rifing for and toall, fhoulddenie his light to him that defires it; the Heauen,it'scheerefulneffe and influences ; the Fountaine,watcr to thethirftie andthat our Sauiour Chrift, the chiefeft of Hierufalem comming vnto him, andwitha great dealeof refpect crauingaligne and miracle ofhim, that he should make fooles ofthem, and rid them away for fuch,itis fomewhat ftrange,andwill require aituart, why andwherefore he did it. And thisdifficultie is madethe greater,for that it isan incomparable piece of feruice, to craueandbeg any thing of God. TheScripture ftileth Prayer, A fweet perfume : Andthe Churchcalls it,Scalampetitionum,The Ladder where- byour PrayersafcendvntoGod : And hee that petitions Godas he ought, the morehee askes, themoreGodholds himhis friend. And King tilhaz, who would not requireanymiracle, thePcopher Efay offering him Heauen, Earth, andHell, condemned himofill manners,accufing him tohaue dealttherein ee- rie difcourteouflywith God. Howcomesit then topaffe, that the molt religi- ous andgraueftkind ofPeople thatwerein Hierufalem,comming to craue ami- racle, our Sauiour fhould giue them this (frange anfwer, .4wickedandadulte- rousgenerationfeekes afsgne,andnofrgne(hall begiuenit,òge. The firitreafon is, forthat they fcornefullycalledhimMatter, when as they held him tobean Impofter, and onethat was poffeffed with aDeuill. One of thegreateftfauours that euer God (hewedtdhisChurch,was in giuingour Saui- our Chrift tobe its Mafter ; and the greatneffe ofthis good,hee particularly (among(} manyother) difcoueredvntovs intwo effects : Theone, indifpelling the darkeneffeofour ignorance ; For as thelight of this materiallSunne, doth inrichand beautifie theday, bannifhing from vs the pitchie darkeneffe of thenight, to theend, that thofeourcorporall eyes may behold the beautieof theWorld ; fothelightof thatfpirituall Sonne, doth in- richand beautifiethedayof the newLaw , driuing from vs thedarkeneffe of the J