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Chrinirefurre&ionthe the firft Sonday in Lent. Serm.B. 129 greaten Miracle. will not benefit himfelfbythat,What othermiracle or figne canhe expcét íhall doe him good It is much greater thananyother vpon earth, by howmuchthe harderit is foronetocomeout of the heart of the earth , andtobee reftored to life afterhe-is once dead ; agreater miracleby tarre, than that of Ionshis be- ing fpewed out of the Whales belie. And the faid Saint prooueth,that ourSa- uiour Chrift is God andman ; man,becaufe heeentred dead into the bowellsof tINearth ; and God, becaufe heecame forth from thence aliue. So that our Sa- uiour came to grant themmuch more thanthey defired For ifthey definedmi- racles fromHeauen at our Sauiours death there appeared fearefull ones vnto them. Athanaftus faith, That the Sunne was darkened, in token that all thofe greatandnobleads whichGod haddone, were eclipfed and darkened in this oneof our Redemption. Theophilafl faith, That our Sauiour after his Refurre- Etionwrought nomore miracles ; forthat todie and rifeagaine by his ownpro- per power, wasthe vtmoft both ofhis powerand miracles. Iudeiftgnampetunt, ere. The Iewesrequirea fiigne,theGrxcians feekeafter wifedome ; but I preach vnto you thegreaten Signe and the greateft Wifedome in the world, to wit, Chriftcrucified. EufebisesEmifènue dwellethmuch vponmeek wreftling with the Angell; In which conflict Ideal, remainingVictor, crauethabiding of the Conquered. And this is myfticallymeant ofour Sauiour , who reprefenting himfelfe in the fhapeofanAngell, (hewedhimfelfe vpon the Croffe, tortured, torne, and ouercome ; yet grew thereby morepowerfiill andmore free hearted for toblefï'e the world. 21jfgnefhall begiuen them. It is not withoutamyfterie,that ourSauior faith, 2Keftgne(hall begiuen. For thatfigne of his death and refurreEtion, hee knew would profit them fo little, that itwas needleffe togiue them anyat all. Chrift treating ofhis bloud, faithbySaint Luke Whichfor you , and for many_hallbee poured out. Andby Saint Mathero,Which(hallbepouredoutfor all. Butmany fhall not take the benefit of this effufionofhis bloud : Somedidwafh theirfioles in the bloud of the Lambe others faid, Sanguisearsfuper nos , (ideft) Let his biasedbevpon vs;accufing themfelues herein, tobee guilrieof the fhedding of hisblond. And amongft the Faithful thereare many, ofwhomSaint Paulfaith, Reneerit torpors & fanguinis Domini ; who receiuing it vnworthily,fhall remain guiltieof this fo pretious a Treafure. And inanotherplace, That they (hall in- curre great punifhment,which doedefile this blou1, Etfanguinem teflamentipol- lutionduxerit. Signumnondabitarei,nififgnum lone,NofagnePhial begiuen thembutthat ofIona. Forthe miracleofChriftsdeath and refurreétionwas not to bee denied ro any. Saint Thomas protefted, That he would not beleeue , vnleffe heemight fee the prints ofour Sauiours wounds; which beingfo ftrange a capitulation, and to outward feeming, fodifcourteous aproceeding,our Sauiour Chrift yeeldedvn- tohis requeft,andmade towards him, and made fhewe thereof vnto him ; for the figues ofour Sauioursdeath andCroffe wereneuer yetdenied toany. Efay faith, t tndin that day,theroot ofIfhai,which (hallJlandvpforafigueonto the Pee. ple, theNations ¡halifeekevnto it, and hieref! !hall beglorious. TheSeptuagint, and Saint Hierame,read, Et quiflat, The root of Ieffe ; that is tofay, Illeguiflatinfig- mompapulorum, congregabitprofugos Ifrael di#erfosluda, colligit á quatuor plagia terra, He(hallPet vp afigne to theNations, andamble thedberfedof ifraell, andga- then thepatteredof Iodafrom all thefount corners oftheworld. Heeborrowes the metaphorefrom a militarieEnfigne,and faith, That Chriftour Sauior that fuf- feredon theCroife, anddied for ourfrnnes , and rofeagain forourfaluation, (hall I.COY..I. Luke12. Moth. a6. I. COY. I i. Ffay. i 7.