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What isrtItant by the On the VVednefda after Heartof the Earth. God doth not atwaies grant ourdefires, and why. EQkef.4.ç. Gen.7. Exad.s4. Deue9. I. Reg.;o. j.heg.t9. (hall gathertogether thofe thatare difperfed through the foute corners ofthe earth. Which is all One with that of Saint John, who Paid, That hewas not on- ly to die for his People, Sedvt Fi1os Deiqui d orft ;rant, congregaret in vnum, But that he mightgather together intoone, the childrenofGodthat weredtfj erfed : Into one, that is, into oneChurch byFaith. Signumnon dabitur, nififignum Iona. God did not graunt vnto them that which theydefired ; for Godwill not be propitious in yeelding roour defines, when theyare toturnetoourownehurt. t.Mofrdefred , that-hemight fee his face, butGod told him,Faciemmeam,viderenonpotersi. Hee willnot giue,what thouwiltdemand, one while becaufeitmay coif thee thy life ; anotherwhile, becaufe God fhall no foonerturne his back, but like the childrenofIfraell,thou wilt prefently fall adoringgthe oldenCalfe.SaintPaul,diddefirefreedom. from his fetters & thofe torments which hee indured : But hewas told,Thouknoweft notwhat thouaskefl ; for, Virtus,in infrrmitateperficitur.Inaword,God dothde- nie vs many things inhisMercie,which hewill grant vntovs in his Anger , as the imperfeélAuthor noteth ir. In corde terra, tribtcs diebths,é9' tribres no5iibns. In the Heart of the Earth,three days andthreenights. Bede, andEuthimius, vn- derftandby the Heart of theearth the Sepulchre, or Graue of our Sauiour Chriff. Andmanyof our Commenrators,makethis xpofrtion;thoughothers niilnterpreting it, inferre from thence, that our Sauiour Chrift didnotdefcend to the lower-moff partes of the earth (contrarie to that ofSaint Paul denying that Article ofour Faith, Defendit ad inferos. Now,in that he afcended, what is it (fayth the fame Apoffle) but that bee had alfodefcended firff into the low- eft parts ofthe Earth ? yet thofe two interpretations maybee yerie well accor- ded, forafmuch, as that theBodie remained inthegraue,and theSoule defcen- ded rfque ad inferos. And for the better proofe hereof,ìt is tobeenoted, that it is not fpokenofany other that dyed,faue onelyof Our Sauiour, that hee was in the Heart ofthe Earth. Befides, ifs átivfuall phrafeamongft the Hebrewes, to call theHeart the middle part , borowing thatmetaphore fromall other lining creatures,who hauetheir heartplaced inthemidff ofthe bodie. Tribus dübui,& tribesnottibus, Threedayes,and threenights.Our Sauiour Chrift wasburied aboutthe fixth watch , in the Euening; and rofeagainevponSun- day morning. According towhich account hee remaineed onely twonights in the graue. -Saint r4uffen., S. Ierome,.8edayand Theophilatl,fay, That by the figure Synecdochí theyare tobe taken for three nights and threedayes, taking the part forthewhole. But peraduenture the plainer expofition willbe this , that wee fhould vnderftandby tlíieedayes and three nights, threenaturali dayes , confi- fling of iwentiefoute hóures apiece : it beinganordinarie phrafe amongft the Iewes, to confound the dayand the night, making them all one; as itappeareth inGenes, Exodus,Deutronomie, and inthe booke of theKings.For invery deed, our SauiourChrift didnot continue in thegraue three nights,, but abode there; forcepart of three naturalldayès. Viri e[urgent inIudicio. The (Alen ofNiniuiefhal rifevp in judgement . Some interpret this threatning to bean effect of juftice; others, ofmercie : ofjuftice, bycharging this people with therepentanceof Niniuie. Nomanwill fpare his enemie, if hecan catch him vpon the hip : The Groomeofthe Stable that fhall play the Rogueand the Theefe