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134, Reafons moving Iona, to fly. Vpon the tiVednefday after would not willinglyhaue feene it foto fucceed inhis time : or whither it were in point ofhonour in his owne perfon,tbinking ( ifnotforeknowing) that God being fo mercifull,that he wouldpardonthe Niniuitesvpon their fir(} reares,he fhould then fuller in his reputation, and fhouldbe taken fora braine-ficke foole, and that he bad exceeded his Commiffron,andfobemocked and laughed at for his labour.' So tharin.the end hewas fully refolued nottovndergoe the Embaffage that was enioyned him ;and therefore embarking himfelfe, hee thought heemight thengoewhither he wolud through theworld. This is Saint Hieromesopinion, which the Chalker Paraphrafe doelikewife fauour. Surrexit vtfugeret ad Mare, anteyuampr'ophetaret innomineDomini, He rafevpthat hemightflieunto thefts, be- fore hefhouldprophecie in thesome of theLord. Some man wil doubtand fay,How couldfogroffe an ignorance finke intothe Prophets breft,as to thinkto flie outofGods reach,:ConfeflingwithDauidthat Largeextent ofhispower, WhitherThallIgoefrom thy Spirit ? andwhitherfhalll flie from thyface ? if 1 clìmbevp into Heaven, thou art there ;if Igge into Hell, thou art likewife there. Ianfwer, That heehad no fuch kindofconceit inthe world , nor any Ib foule a thought once entered intohis immagination : But that which heprefumedvpon,was,That its thelandofthe Gentiles,God wouldnot reueale himfelfe , nor communicate the Spirit of Prophecie to his Prophets; and therefore hee was minded to alter his former conditionof life , and turne Merchant : For Tharls was fo famous aPort, in regardof the great concourfe ofTrading that was there, that thofe your great&huge merchants (hips, made ter. so. onely for burden, werecalled in the Scripture,byanAntonomafia,or pronomina- E7ecb.t7; tton, TheShips of2harfhifh; whereof/minismaketh mention, Ezechiel, the third s Keags , t. thirdbooke ofthe Kings, andthe fecondof Chronicles.The Spirit ofProphecie 2' `b"n''' ( it feemed) had not then captivated hiswil : TheLordGod path opened mynecare, s¢ andIwasnot rebellious,neitherturnedIbake : Butmight he then ifhe would t' So doth this Egonon contradict) feem to inferre.Saint Paul faith to thofeofCorinth, Thatthe Spirit ofProphecie is fubieä totheProphets. And as Amafias Paidto Rmos 7. 52. the Prophet :fmor Get thee tothe Landof Iuda, ô thouSeer, goe, flic thou thither, and there eat thybread, and prophecie there : but prophecie no more at Bethel), for it is the Kings Chappell , and it is theKings Court. Lomas there- The Deuills fore feeing,that a Prophet was notaccepted of in his owne Countrie, would tyranny hisfollower needs turne Merchant. his followers. He got him into aShipof thePhoenicians , to flie intoTharfhifll from the prefenceoftheLord; Et dedit illisnavlum, Andhepaid thefare thereof, andwent down intoit. For the Deuill is not contented thata finner Ihould doe him feer, uice onely, but thathe Ihould giue him money alto into thebargaine ; which is a (range kindof tyrannie. The Shippe hadfcarce beetle awhileunder faile,whenas a feareflull Tempelt arofe,which put thofe that were in the Sh.ippe into extreameperill of theirlife. Andalbeit your Pilots, your Mariners, and Shippe-boyes , thatare beaten andaccuflonaed to thefe kindofchances,vfually loofe all feare bothofwindes and waues, nayalfoof Godhimfelfe ; yet sow fuch was the tempeftuoufneflb of the weather,&the ragingofthe Sea, that theycalledvponthofe their gods whichwere paintedintheir Ship;Tinexeruntnauta,ThoMarinerfeate entreated, iudging this Storme the ftrangeftaseuer they faw, accountingit as a miracle. Firft ofall, Becaufe therewas nopreceding figneof it ; for thofethat are ex- periencedSeafaringmen,, are not onelyskilled in knowing thofe fignes ofa Storme