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Afinher drags Deftruâionafter the firft SundayinLent. Serm.8. him, whertòeue r he goeth. 135 ftormethat are neere at hand, but thofe thatare afarreoff; as by the irruptions of theaire, Whichbreaking forth from theconcauities andhollowvaults of the Deepc,,trouble the waters ; the colluäationandwreftlingofthewinds,the cro- kingof Rauens,the bellowingof Beath, the playing ofPorpeecies,which doe whifperin theireares the ftorme that is to come vpon them. Butthis Tempeft herecame foviolently vponthemon thefudden , thatthere wasno foregoing fgne to forethew it. Secondly,Becaufe(as Rabbi Salomonhath noted it, anHebrew Donor, from whomTheodoretandTheophilatl had it)therewere many (hips thathad gone out of Thartlri(h,whichtheymight kennenotfarre from them,that had verie faire and cleere weather, and failedawayfmoothly,hauing(as theyfay)a Ladies paf- fage, fo calme wasthe Sea , and fo gentle and temperate their galeofwind. Whereupon they did difcreerlyargue amongftthemfelues, thatthere was Tome great and notorious finner intheir Ship,againft whom thewindes andthewaues (byGodsefpeciall appointment)made fuch cruell warre. Hethat goes to lea, goes indanger, 4áinauigant mare,&e.euripides was of opinion,That they could not betruly Paidtobeeeither deador aliue ; not dead ,becaufe they liue ; not aliue, becaufetherewas only apoore planke betwixt theirdeath andtheir life. And the Sinnerhaleth his halterafterhim, and if Goddid not defend him , the Sea would not endure him. TheSlaue that flies fromhis Mafter,all theferuants of the houle makehue and crie after him ; they followhim, crying, Stop him, flop him : andif that will notferue theturne, his Matter fends Horfemen after him, whopurfuehim , and apprehendhim. Allthe whole houfe ofHeauen makehue and crie after Ionas, Angelis, Saints, Friends, holy infpirations, make purfuit after him, as theyvfe todoe after otherrebellious 'inners : But that will notfernethe turn ; whereuponhe fends thefehis Horfmenafter him,the winds, thewanes , the fhip-boyes , and mariners ; they take himand cafthim into the dungeonof the Whales bellie. Miferrant vafá,They callforth their reffels, &c. This word rafa is taken for the wares, the weapons, the Malts, the failes,andother inítruments belonging to a Ship; rapDonne, ra(aBelliea, rafa, ?(uis,and the like. In that Tempeft which Saint Lakementioneth in the Aihof the Apoftles,whereinSaint Paul fuffered fo manydayes , he faith , That the veriecordsand tacklings in the fhipwere caft ouer boord, Armamento proiecerunt : Sonow, whitherit were tolighten the Ship, orto appeafe theanger oftheir Gods,whomthey thought were tobe appealed with gifts, orthat they were fubieéìto thefe paffions ofcholler and couetoufneffe, &c. Andas now the Faithfull hauerecourfe in their fhipwracks to prayersand promifes; fowas itnowwith thefeInfidels,andnotto this alone, but to the offeringvpof Iewells ofgreat price andvalue. lanai was got himdown into thebottomeofthe Ship ;whither hehadwith- drawnhimfelfethither out ofhisforrow,orto auoid thenoyfeoftheirfhreeks andout-cries, orfor feareofthe thunder &lightning, ornotto beholdthe fu- rieand rageof thewanes andthe winds, I cannottelyou : butbecaufe feareand heauineffe commonly caufeth fleepe, Iona was fallennow fofoundafleepe,that neither his owneproper perilI, northe lamentable clamoursofothers, could awakehim. Ouidtofoporedeprimeris ; Surge & inuocaDeum tuum: What meanefi thou, âSleeper,awakeandcall vpon thyGod. They that camedown to the Pumpe,lighted vpon Ionaas, and awakinghim , Paidvnto himbyway of M : admiration, aas 57.