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The heft preachers haue not the firft Sonday in Lent. Serm.8. i aqa alwaiesthe aloft auditors. fruir that they reap thereby, is euermore attributed to thehardneffe of thehea- rer. And thathe might teach this People this leffon, he faith,Ecce,pluagumSa- lomonhie, Behold, agreater thanSalomon is here. He wasgreater than Jonas; forif he were obeyed by the Niniuites, ourSauioür hadobeyfance done him by all the Elements : ifJonas had agrace in his deliuerie, and fpakewitha fpirit, it was our Saviour that gaue it him : ifionas did inlighren a Cine, our Sauiourdid illu- minate the whole world : ifJonas did preach blond, threatnings,and death,our Sauiourdid publifh our faluation, life, andhope ofHeaucn. Hewas better than Salomon ; for his wifedome was humaneand earthly ; but that ofour Sauiour, divineandheauenly: Salomonneuer wrought any miracles ; but thofe ofour Sauiourwere withoutnumber. Inaword, between theQueen ofthe South and-thePharifecs, betweenour Sauiourand Salomon,there isa great antithefis andcontrarietie : The Q5crie u n was aBarbarian, and ignorant ; they , Dolours, and learned in theLawes ; fir, ívonderfull delroustoheare a man; they, loath to heare a God; fhe offered toSalomon great gifts ; they toour Sauiour vinegar andgall ; Agee did fowonder atSalomons wifedome, that the faid, Fame had be- liedhim, and that Report cametooMort of his praife ; but theymade fo flight accountof our Sauiours words andworkes, thatthey requirenew miracles at his hands : but this their candling with him, Thal occafion their condemnation. Toconclude,Theprincipal things that Niniuie Thal charge themwith,are two. The firff, The fpeedineffe of theirrepentance,and thehaft that they made to turnevnto God : For (as SaintChryfoflome hath noted it) in three 'dayes !onus ef- fected that inNiniuie, whichour Sauiour could notbring to paffein thirtyyeres Ions etrea. and v ward: Saint uimbro e Thatthey who deferre their repentancetill the edmorein honreof theirdeath, oughtnot to beedenied the Sacraments, if theydefire then ourSa- them ; but Idare not be fobold (faiththe faidFather) towarrant themtheir fal- ajour did in nation. Rahab hadfcarceput the Spies out ofher window, but that fhe refent- te,ren year`'' P Repentancy ly hung out that colouredfiring, the token thatwasgiuenher for the fafeguard not to bede ofher life. Philontakes into confrderation,that exceeding greathaft which the fated. /Egyptians made to rid their Countrie of the children of Ifraell ; they held it no wifedome, todeferre their departure oneminute of anhourelonger,(ifthey couldfo foone haue freed themfelues from them)confrdering inwhat great dan- ger they wereof loofingtheir hues. Much lefl'e difcretionis it,todefer the re- pentance ofour finnes from day today confideringhotsdaylywe are inperil! of peri(hing inHell. The fecond, Thegreatneffe, fharpeneffe,and rigour oftheir Repentance,not onely in themen, but in the women, children, andcartel! : They thoughtwith themfelues, Thatfortiedayesof forowwere too little, and roofew forfo many yeares of finning ; and therefore theydid firiue allthat theycould, that the ex- tremitieofrheirpuni(hment might make amendsforthat long timewherinthey had offended. Lauaboper f ngulas nodes leflum meum, i. Iwilleuerienight math my Couch with my tears.Chryffaith,Culpäfuif vniusnoflis,lachrimas multorum,rhat it was but one nightsfinne, but many nightsmares. Ammliva lamame,O Lord,wafb meyet alittle more, chat [may be ricane. Nowwashedenied ; but ill afruredof this his cleanneffe,&c. For the wafflingout of the ftaines and (pots ofourfrnnes one lauar,onerinfing,one bucking is not fufficient,no,thoughwehaueneuerfomuch Pope andafhesto fcoure them clean,andbeat out our hearts vpon theblockeof our fenceleffe foules : it muff (ôLord) be the water ofthat immenfe and migh- tiefea ofthyMercie;that andnothing but that, can doeit. Andtherefore, flauemercie vpon me, bGod,according to tbygreat mercie. The