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I4z T C he naan, Faith. Hew Chrift called, the hope ofthe Gentiles. THE NINTH SERMON, VP- 05\C THE THV7 SEDI4Y AFTER THE FIRST SViri- D4T IT( LENT. MAT. f. MAE- C. 7. Seceßitjefus inpanes `Iyri &Sydow'. Iefus withdrewhimfelfe into thecoafts of Tyreand Sydon. _ His HiRoriebathBeene handled by mee heretofore : The - e- fumme whereof is That our Sauiour Chrift withdrawing -_ - _= himfelfeto theparts ofTyrus and Sydon, heedid a worke =- - ofmercie, that was fullof ftrangecircumftances. Awoman came forth tomeet him,dcfcendcdof that accurfed Chan, dcfiring hishelpe foradaughter of hers that was poffeffed r r f ' with a Deuill : And howbeit our Sauiour had taken the paines to come flueand twentieleagues for toheale that foule, (asone that well knew the price andworth thereof) yet he gaue her fo many fhrewddifgraces andput-by's,that would hauedifmayedthe ftouteft fpirit aliue, and hauecooled the courage ofhim that had beenemoltconfident ofhis ftrength. But thiswo- mandid notflag awhit for all this,nor would bee fo beatenoff; but one while makingvfe of the interceffion of theApoftles ; another while confefTing her- felfe tobe nobetterthan a Doggc,and begging like aDogge , not thebread it felfe, whichwas for the children, but thecrummes that fell from the Table, whichneueryet was denied vnto Dogges : the perfeuered in her petition, lay- ingfuch a thong and forcible batterie to thepittie and mercie ofChrift, that itbeing in it felfe inuincible, yet ityeelded to awomansimportunitie. Incoura- ging vsthereby, and puttingvs in good hope , that nothing (hall bedenied vn- to vs, if we (hall earnefily call vponGod,&perfeuer inthe purfuit of ourhum- blepetitions : And there is goodcaufe of comfort for vs, pzoniam confirmata e