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Ingratitude the fill fault that ruer was committed the firft Sunday inLent. Serm.9, efl fuper nes mtfericordia eins, His mercie isconfiamed untovs aswell ashis grace; whofe effe& is infallible, andmolt certaine. And as acontinuall feauer that is once confirmed and fetled vpon vs, is an afTured mefT'enger ofdeath; fo the mercie of God being once confirmed vnto vs, it is notpoflible that it Ihould euer feile vs. Egref'roslefcs, fceßit. Some doe apply this word to the Sonneof Gods comming foorth into the World ; Some,tothe f,trength andvcrtue which our humane nature reeouered bythis his comming. Which is all onewith that of Saint Aufien ; if God had notbeetle Man, Manhad not beene free. The Scripture callethChrift our Sa- uiour,The defire &hope of the Gentiles. And to him that fhaildoubt,How the Gentiles,not hauing knowledge of the Sonof God,nor ofhis comming, could bee called theirhope,and their delire Firft ofall,Ianfwere ; That amongft the Gentiles God had force friends, as the Sybils,andmanywhich beleeued inhim;Inthe land ofHus,hehad iob.And if it(hall beobietted, That fo fmall anumber of theGentiles, werenot fuffici- ent togiue aname and beeingof this their hope and delire? I mull anfwerefecondly, That all creatures did naturally delire, and long for him,as the dryground doth gape for water 3 oras thecaptiue dothdefirehis li- bertie, Sicut terra fineaqua tibi. Thirdly, Saint Aufienanfweres, That the del-zed, ought firfttobee knowne. Butit is the fafhion ofthe Prophets, to takeFutur.,propraterito, The future, for thepreterperfed Tense. And hereit is tobeenoted, That withTyrus and Sydon, that happened vn- tohim inparticular,which fucceeded vnto him in the world in generall.Hewas longbefore offendedwith this Countryas it appeareth inDel ; dmini,&vo- bic Tyros & Sydon?What haue Itodoe with you, i?yreandSydon.InEzechiel,Tes ergo fili hominis aflamelamentsimfiiper Tyrum, Now therefore ôfanneof c n'fan, takevp a lamentation for Tyre.InEfay onus Tyri,vlulatenames maris,The burdenofTyre,howle ye fbips of the Sea. How then. did Godmake peace with theWorldby his Sonne Gratificauit nos in dsleiiofsliofug. And hee offeredthe like kindneffe vnto Tyrus andSydon. c Meaaaar ero Rahab Babilonia : Eccealienigeni , &Tyree, hic fuerunt illic, ¿c. Iwill thinke vpon Rehab, and Babilon , the cAterians, and them of Tyre, fie. Secefitin partes Tyri, &Sydonis, Hee went into theCoaSts ofTyreandSydon. He taxes this his peopleoftheirvnthankefulnes towardshim;For he, that doth not onlynot acknowledge agood turn,butrequites it with il,fhuts thegates of Hea- uen againft his owne Soule. And therefore, Signumnondabiter eis. Rupertua bath ohferued,Thatthe firft fault that was committed inthe World,was Ingratitude; For Godhauingcreated Adam in a perfeaage,and found inhis judgement, ha- uing, for hisrecreation giuen himParadife,and for his authoritie,theSeignio- rie ofthe World; yet did hee notgiue him thankes for therehis fo great and many fauours towardshim ; whereupon the Deuill, (beeing a flye and fubtill Merchant) tookeoccafion to tempt him, perfuading himfelfe, That hee who had fnewed himfelfe ingratefull, would with a little labour beeeafilybrought to bedifobedient.This Do&or doth roundly & throughlyponder there words, Serpens eratcalladiar, The :frpent was morefubtill. Likea craftie Huntfman, hee waited but fora time,thàr Adamby hisvnthankefulnes fhould fall into the toile, whence afterwardsheefhouidnot fo eafilyget out. Saint dmbrefefayth , That ob. Sol. ob. Sat. Pjald4a rael3.. EZeeb.zy.