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Preit. j r. Dike 19. Vertue neuer moreeminent, than when it [hints among duVicious. a. Pu.z. The bell trading is Tpon theThurfeday after euer with God. Ecce mistier Cananta,Beholda woman,&rc. Ecce, in holyScripture commonly fignifieth fome great matter ofadmiration. And this cafe ofthe Cauaanitifl woman is admirable, fortwo rare circumftances contained in it. Theone, For that ftrange change and alteration inher ; inregard , that ofa Canaanite isa occupatione,fhebecame a Canaanite inOratiene,that is,aNcgotiator in Heauen : for Canaria (according toSaint Hierome) is the fame with 2Kegotia- trix. Of agood hufwife, that girt ethher loyns with ftrength, and ftrengtnneth her acmes, Salomonfaith,Cingulam tradidit Cananeo ; the Vulger hathit,2(egotia- tori,To the t"lerchant, or onethat negotiates bulneffes; andHeauen is ftored with fuch kindofPeople : Nsgociamirii dumvenio , occupie tillscome. And fo great was the haft whichthis Canaanite madefor the encreafingofher Talent, and inmanagingof herbufrneffe, that the Churchfets herbefore vs for an ex- ample, and foranexcellent andhappie Negotiant with Godhimfelfe. As Abra- ham was .put for a patterne of Faith ; Ifaac, ofObedience; Pofeph, of Chaftitie; Iob, ofPatience ; Marie Magdalen,of Repentance ; fo this Canaanitifh woman is propofedvntovs as anexample ofwell negotiatingwith God ,'hewingvs the readie wayfora quicke difpatch. Theother, That awoman that was aGentile fhould come out ofTyrus and Sydon, tobe aSchoole to the Faithfull ; as if a Moore fhould come from his Moorifme, tobeaChriftian,which is a rare thing,and feldome feene : thatfuch a one fhould haueifliied outof Ierufalem, that was well groundedin the Scrip- tureandReligion, it wasnot much;butfrom Tyrusand Sydon it wasnot a thing tobeexpeded.Tobeof the houfhold ofFaithamongthe Gentiles,aCatholick amongHereticks, aChriftianamong Moores, aSaint amongft theWicked,was eueryet accounted ftrange andwonderful!. Saint Gregorit obferues this of lob, liuing in the Land ofHus among the Barbarians ; Sociwefuit Draconum , Frater Struthiennm, He was a companion ofDragons, andabrother tooflricbes,that is,he h- ued amongft the Vngodly. AndSaintPeter faithofLot, That he being righte- ous,and dwellingamongthe Sodomites,in feeing thevncleanly conuerfation of the Wicked,awd hearingoftheir abhominable fumes, vexedhis righteous foule from day todaywith their vnlawfuldeeds ; which is agreat croffe and aflli (lion to the Godly. Saint John faithofthe Bithop of Pergamus, Sciavbi habitas, vbi fides ell Sathana,& tentsnomenmews, Allthy 4c7cons are not praife-worthie; but this isgreatly tobe commendedin thee, that amongr lDeuills, whereSathan bathhisThrone, thoukeepefl thefaith, andconfeJfl my name. Saint Paul, of the Philippians, That In medionationiapraua. The Spoufe, of his Beloued, Thar,Sicut Lilium interfpi_ nas, without receiuing any harme. Ina word,to enioy perfeét health in themid- deft ofagreat plague, is agreat matter ; but much greateris it,that outofaPeft- houfe one fhould come forth togiue helpe vntoothers; that from amidit Here- tickes aMailerfhould be brought toteach Catholickes ; and that outofTyrus and Sydon fhould ftep forthaCanaanitifb womanto inftruft theChurch. And this is that which this wordEcce aimes at. A finibtts ill¡cegreffa, Come from out thofe Borders. Firft, Chrift ; andthen !he : and though Chrift had the longer and harder journey of it, and thethe fhorterandafter ;yet you feeThee was willing toput thebelt foot forward,and to take forcepaines her felfe in thebufineffe : firdid not as manydoe now adayes,fit frill anddoe nothing, layingthe whole burthgn ofthe juftification vponourSauiour Chrift. Supra dorfitmmetes (faith he, com- plainingby the Prophet)fabrieauerantpe catores,prolongauerant iniquitatem fume, They