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Cooperation the finíi Sunday iii Lent. Serm.9. necefiary. '47 They threw all thewhole burthen of their finesvpon my fhoulders,takingno care themfelues toworke out their faluation. Beloued, this isnot the way ; it is not enough,that yeehaueyour calling and vocation fromGod, but you mull make furs this your vocation vntoyoubygood workes , Satagiteper bona opera certamfacere vocationemveflram ; It is not enough , that Chrift hath redeemed you, butyoumutt feekeon your part to fecure your redemption. In this fence faid Pául,:vidimpleo guadefuntpaßsonumChrifli tocarne mea : Not thatany thing can b wanting to thepailionof Cbrill,on his part, but onthine. Faine wouldit thougoe toHeauen, butthou art loath totake any pains toget thither ; thou wouldit be carried vp inafoft and eafie chaire, but art loath to ftretch thy legs. Andfor thiscaufe the Scripture(tiles the life ofman, aWarfare, a Wrettling, aRace, aCombat, aRewatd, aCrowne ; things that are not atchieued with- out labour,trouble, feruice, fweats, and íome deferuing in ourfelues. ninon fient Bouts,præfepe vacuum f, Where there are noOxen, the Cratch is emplie; where no paines, noprofit. Hercuiei duricelebrantlabores, faithBoetius, The Chroniclesof Hercules were his Labours. And Plautus,Pars eft Fortuna ladorum. . Conte ourof thofèBerderf: We arenotonly to leauefine, but alfo to remoue fromvs all occafion of finning. God faidvnto Abraham, Bÿce ancillam ; Migar. was hi s Slaue or Bondwoman,the was that Leuen which hadfowred the fweet peace ofhis houfe : Godmight as well haue commanded him to rorre& and punifh herfor her infolent bchauióur;but besaufe hewould haue the occafion Of anyfarther fallingout takenaway,he [ayes this commandvponhim, Eÿcean- cillam,&frliumeius. ifmael, âLord,(might t.lbraharnhaue faid) is but a child, And in regardof his tender age difciplinable andcorrigible, he can as yet dobut. littleharme. But this would not ferue his turne, therewas nóremediebut lice Mutt be fentpackingtoo,thátall occafion maybe takenawayofhismothers re-. turning backe to fee him. Saladto in Mante, ne lies, &c. Get thee out ofthe Citie, and efcaye into theMountain, left thoube*frayed. it was the Angells aduice vnto Lot, left fo circumuicinant Andneereneighbouring occafionmight prooüe dan- gerous vnto him, : antum*flat ortusab Occidente,longefecit a nob&iniguitátes, noflyds, Looke hots wide the Le isfrom the Weft,fofarrehathbefit ourJinnesfrom vs. Inthe Captiuïtie of Babylon,theChildren of Ifraell hid in a verie deepepit, the holyFire, asàman wouldhide Treafure, hoping hereafter theymight come again tothe fetchingof itout : but whenthis their Captiuitiewas ended,when they canne tofeeke for it,they found in fteadthereof, ácoagulatedandcrudded kind ofwater*when it is frozen ; but when the beames Of the Sunne began' to couchvpon ir, itturned againe to fire. So they that Oiler the fireoftheir"af e- &ionwith theMlles ofabfetice, withahopeto return toreuiue thatheat; how- beirit bemorfè cold andmore frozen than water, yetwith the Sunne oftheir prefence,and theheat ofoccafion, chofesoles of louebegintokindle anew,and to breake forth into their woonted flames. Saint viugußine reportsofAlipias, That hauing7_éfbhiedwith lümfelfe,neuertoloolce vpon your Fencers Prizes, vpona time ;. through the carneft importunitie ofhisfriends heewas drawn i along to the' Theatrewherethofe bloildie (ports were performed;protefting that hewouldkeepe his eyes allthewhilePhut, andnot fomuchas one open their : yet it I'ófellout, that vponafodder) greatfhout.of thePeople,' helooked ` abroad to feewhatthe matterwas;Whereupon heebecameanotherman, and altered his form'erpurpofe`fo that his hatred'tothis,fport, was turned into a lone and liking Ofit Ecclefítajîcstd faith,'rhata's acleereFountaineis tothe thir- ltie, andas the fhade tohim that is fcortched' with heat; inch is occafion, to a' N a .. .. . man Gin. A!loccarons re ""e muff an" be . Ges. ly. Pfal ro;.