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Chri, whycalled the fonofDa- the firft Sunday inLent. Serm.9 uid,rather than ofAbraham. . fonne their Meffias fhould bee theydid all agreein this, That hee fhould come from theStocke ofDáuid. Nowwhither it were , thatthis Cananitifh womanbygiuing him this attri- bute, thought with her felfe, That he had fome obligationto fauour the Gen- tiles, (for the firft Troupes that Dauidhad, were offùgitiue Slaues and Forrei- ners, which cameto his ayd, [Etfacioureft eorum Princeps] orwhither the power that the faw he hadin caftingout Deuils,wrought thus vpon her ; orwhither the much honourthat hee had alwaies fhewne towomen ; or all of thefe together, were motines of her pretenfion,I cannot tell you ; but fure Iam that Thee did beleeuc,That our SauiourChrift cameinto the world forto faue finners,and for the generali good ofall Mankind,for the Iew,and forthe Gentile , and that the Deuills werefubieétvnto him ; (differing therein from the Pharifees,whomade himBehebrsbs Faéìor)and that there wasno difeafe fo incurable which this hea- uenly Phyfitionwas not able to cure ; and that he hadpail hisword to the grea- teft Sinners, That if theyfhould call vpon God for metcie , and beleeue in his fonneChrift Iefus, whomhe hadPent into the world, he would free them from forth the depthof theirmiferies. Nonrefondit ei rverbum. He anfwered nota word . Origen, and almoft all the rea of the Saints judge this filence ofour Sruiour tobee verie ftrange, in regardofthe ftrangenefle of thecircumftances. Firft of all, Becaufe that Fountaine (faithOrigen) whichwas alwaies woont to inuiteand callvs todrinke,doth now denie water to the Thir- ftie; the Phyfition that carne tocure the Sicke,refute tohelpe hisPatient ; that Wifedomewhich cried out inthe Market placewitha loudvoyce,Yenite adme, that it fhouldnow remainedumbe, Whomay not Rand amafed at it e O Lord, thou dooft not onelyaccept ofPrayer, but dooft likeof thebare defire to doe it ; notonelyof the lips, but ofour willingneffe to moue them. Et veluntate labiorum il/ins,non fraudafli am/faithDauid. AndWifcdome,optaui,& datueeft mibi fcnfsts,WbenIprayed,vnderflandingwasgiuenme; andwhen! called, the Spirit of Wifedomecame vatome. Secondly, That chofe prayers & cries whichcome not from the heart, fhould not be heard, it is notmuch. "Infer ti me tumultum carminum tuorum,,faith Amos, Take thou awayfromme the multitudeof thySongs ; for Iwill not heare the melodie of thyViols;And all becaufe they were not from the heart. And inanother place,Popnlus hie labÿsmehonorat,cordeautem longeell, Theyhonour me(faith Efay) with their lips,but their heart itfarrefromme. But this Cananitifh womandid by hervoiceexpreffe her heartsgriefe: and molt true itis,That parents many times louing their childrenbetter than themfelues, are more fencibleoftheir forows thanof theirówne. Thirdly, it being fopious a bufineffe, as the freeingofher daughter from the torment ofthe Deuill; and being rentbefrdes, ofGod into theworld, Vt diJJ'oluat operaDiaboli . the Apoftlesas well pittying thedaughtersmiferie, as the mothers forow, befought our Sauiour inherbehalfe,faying,Dimittcik'am. Fourthly, Theremutt befomegreat matter in it, fomeextraordinarie reafon, why Chrift fhould beenow moredumbe,thanat other times : But of that wee haue fpoken elfewhere Clamaui per diem , & non exaudies,lr noíle,& non&c. (they arethe wordsof the fonneof God tohis eternall Father)What, ô Lord, (faythhee) fhall 1call"upon theenight and day, and wilt than not heare mee ? Thy frlence canbeeno fcandall vntomee, becaufe I knowthe fecretsof thy heart ; N 3 and '49 Why God nay times fhewes him- felfe deafe and dumbe to our re- queffs. wvifd. y. Amos. S.