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148 Vocalip Vpon theThurfeday after rail rayer ie. manthat is accuftomed to ill. rsfilia nonauertente f ,frmaoaflodiam,Giueher for loft, if thou quit not the occafion. Clamabat, Mifereremei,She cried,Hauemercie vponme, Vocali Prayer is fometimes profitable,and fometimesneceffai ie 5 profitable, becaufe it ftirrethvpour inward deuotion, Andis (asSaint Augufiinebath obfer- ued) that blaft which bloweth andkindleth the firethat is withinvs. Thofe that are moreperfeathanothers, fpend much time inmeditationand contemplation of the Spirit : but thofe that are lefí'eperfect, becaufe their inward heat quickly failes them, they mutt haue recourfe to the breathof vocall Prayer, and call out aloud,withthis Canaanitifhwomar,;for the Heart and the Lipsare anacceptable Heb. r 3. Sacrifice vntoGod. Exvoluntatemea confiteborei ; Saint Paul calls it, The fruit ofe.:4. of theLips ; °fee, ASacrifice, Vituli Labiorum,Thecages ofour Lips. Mifereremei, FiliDauid. Haue mercïevpon me, thouSomeofDauid. Saint Augufine faith, That what- foeuer may be lawfully defired, maybe lawfully requiredof God : And beeing there be three forts of things ; forcefo good,that it isimpoffible thevfe of them fhould be bad, as Grace,Vertue, Glorie,and the nectflariefuftenance ofthebo- die, which we daylybeg of God : others fo ill, that they can neuer begood, as Sinne and Wickednelfe : andothers indifferent,which of themfelues areneither good nor euill, as Riches, and other the like temporali Goods. Thefirft, wee may alwaies,and at all times begge ofGod withoutany condition or limitation: thefecond neuer : the thirdmuff euermore haue this referuation; If it bee, ô Lord, forthyferuice, or thyhonour andglorie,&c. Now this Canaanitifh wo- mancrauing mercie for her felfe andherdaughter,it beeing foholy andpious a petition,fhe might abfolutelypreferre the fametoour Sauiour. Haue mercievpenme, thou SonneofData. Saint Baldpondereth the elegancie of this prayer, f b wholly ftript fromany proper prefumption in it felfe, and fo cloathed throughout from top totoe, with themercieofGod. There is not any greater pouerrie(faith Saint Bernard) thanthat ofour owne merits ; norany fal- ter riches than that of ourown prefiumption. Andhe preuailes molt with God, whoprefumes leaf} ofhimfelf 3 for the merciesofGodarenotoccafioned from our deferuings, hutfrom his own infinite goodneffe, as Leo thePope lets it down vnto you moreat large. Godsmercie is fo infinite and fo immenfe , that there . is no comparifonbetwixt our meritsand ir;fo fhort is our rightuoufneffeof his goodnefl'e. Saint Chryfofiome(ayes, That merciemuff beelike a free Port that opens vnto the lea, and affoords franke paflagevponall occaftons, orwhitherfo- euer weare bound, without paying fo muchfor importation, or fomuch for ex- portation,&c. oSonne ofDauid . Althoughour Sauiour were of the SeedofAbraham, as well as of the HouleofDauid; yet with this People, more preuailed this ap- pellatiue ofDauid; for thatthepromifewhich Godhad made to this Kingwas frefher inremembrance, more efpeciall,andmorehonourable , as Saint Chryfo- flome and"Éuthimivavpon this verieplace hauenoted it vnto vs: So thatboth the nobler,and the learnedcrfort among them, befìdes the People ingeneratl, did not onely hold itas an Article of their Faith , but for agreat glorievnto them, that their Meffìaswas todefcend fromthe loynesof Dauid, Scriptum eft; made femme Dauidvent ChriFíut. And our Sauiouraskingof the Pharifees, Whole fonne What we arc to demand in praier,dchew Meritsmet. 1y cryed dowtte. lohn 7, mate a,